Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Is Gaby dead? Who killed Gaby? Explained!

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7 “Dialogue with the Mirror” had some disturbing moments. In order to retribution, the Mayans M.C. declared war on the Sons of Anarchy, who were responsible for Coco’s death. EZ Reyes revealed a plan to attack the Sons of Anarchy’s leadership at the temple, which Marcus approved. The club responds in the latest episode but things go horribly wrong.

The episode begins with Miguel Galindo emerging from the convent where he had been hiding. His security guard notices a dead woman in the driver’s seat of the car on the road as he drives away. Despite his driver’s suspicions, Miguel gets out to check, and the car explodes. Miguel and his driver attempt to run, but are hit from behind by a truck. Neither of them is seen again, however, it appears likely that they’ve been kidnapped.

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EZ Reyes visits Sofia’s home and inquires about her tattoo. Five dots make up the tattoo, which could indicate time spent in prison. Sofia discloses that she spent 54 months in prison when her child died, and the two share their memories. Sofia also expresses her dissatisfaction with EZ’s attempts to help her. Sofia promises to keep an eye on Sally while EZ is away taking care of some business. EZ receives a phone call from Jay-Jay, which he dismisses.

At the Clubhouse

Bishop (Michael Irby), Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero), and Tranq (Frankie Loyal) are drinking beer at the clubhouse. Marcus Alvarez, he believes, is destroying Santo Padre. Tranq and Creeper disagree, believing that now is the time for the club to unite. Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) invites Bishop to join him at the table for a conversation, but Bishop refuses. Alvarez fills Creeper’s empty seat. He invited his cousin to his wife’s birthday dinner. Bishop attempts to pass, but Alvarez makes it plain that passing is not an option.

Did EZ’s plan successful?

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

EZ’s entire strategy is around killing as many high-ranking Sons as possible in order to exact revenge on Coco. Angel observes that this isn’t much of a plan, and EZ responds that he’s tired of developing intricate plans that never succeed. EZ, Angel (Clayton Cardenas), and Manny (Manny Montana) arrive at the UC Davis hospital parking lot and come across three Sons. A row of parked bikes, on the other hand, indicates that more Sons are inside, watching Packer’s room. Manny is on board with EZ which he believes will bring down Packer, Chibs, and other Sons. Angel has no idea where Packer is being held. “Oncology,” say Manny and EZ at the same time, to which Angel responds, “What the f**k is oncology?”Manny explains that he’s in the cancer ward.

Angel later walks inside to acquire stuffed animals from a gift shop. he inquires about the cancer ward with a Hispanic janitor.EZ is taken aback by Angel’s lab coat. Angel maintains he’s only trying to blend in, but Manny and EZ don’t think he’s succeeding.
The oncology unit is on the seventh floor. After that, the group heads up to the Oncology department, where they anticipate locating Les Packer, the San Bernardino Sons of Anarchy’s President. When they reach the elevator, however, they run with a slew of Sons of Anarchy members, including Terry, the war’s instigator. The three Mayans start the fire, multiple times hitting the men inside. It’s unknown who dies and who doesn’t. The Mayans attempt to flee as the hospital’s alarms begin to ring. The Sons of Anarchy, on the other hand, enter through the main doors and begin fire on them. The Mayans then make their way into the hospital, and Manny breaks away from his companions, hoping to attract the attention of the Sons of Anarchy.

 EZ and Gaby Reunion

EZ shoots a security guy as they walk into the hospital. Angel pauses, visibly disturbed that he just shot a guard, forcing EZ to rescue his brother. Gaby, EZ’s love interest is one of the nurses who run to help the man. Angel grabs Gaby and drags her outside against her will since she recognizes them. They kidnap a doctor and flee outside. Manny helps them get away by breaking a number of the Sons’ bikes. Later that night, EZ has pulled over and Gaby is standing outside the car when Angel calls with the news that Manny has also managed to flee. Manny has sold his Jeep and is planning to stay in Oakland before returning to Santo Padre. Angel and EZ later take Gaby to a remote, rural location. Angel encourages EZ to speak with Gaby and persuade her not to report them to the cops.

Is Gaby dead in Mayans MC Season 4? Who killed Gaby? Explained!

Gaby (Sulem Calderon) approaches EZ. She does admit, though, that the person Angel shot was her friend. Gaby accuses EZ and Angel of slaughtering the guard’s family as they will never see their loved one again. she vows to report him to the authorities. EZ tries to persuade her by mentioning that Angel is about to become a parent. This quickly devolves into a discussion about their breakup. Gaby basically apologizes for breaking up with EZ and expresses her love for him while holding his face. Unfortunately for Gaby, EZ’s brother means more to him than anybody else. He will not let Angel go to prison. She also claims that she has a gut feeling that he is good. Gaby cries and tells EZ she loves him while holding his face. When a gun rings out, Gaby is in the middle of speaking, “Your mother would want you to do the right thing.” EZ is the one who shoots Gaby. Angel shouts”NO!”

EZ returns to his trailer after killing Gaby and finds Sofia waiting for him. Sofia persuades him to remove his bleeding garments, which she then burns while he showers. EZ begins to explain what occurred, visibly shaken by his actions, but Sofia interrupts him and says she doesn’t care what happened. Sofia is just concerned with his safety.

Creeper’s Relationship with Kody

Creeper’s relationship with Kody is also explored in greater depth in this episode. Kody basically demands that he open up about what’s going on inside his thoughts after the two had sex. He expresses concern about his Santo Padre brethren being injured in the upcoming conflict. Kody assures him that he can’t look after everyone, and the talk gradually devolves into Creeper whining that those who shorted him earlier in the series were never punished. At Kody’s request, Creeper then tells her the story behind all of his scars.

Bishop At Diana’s Birthday Celebration
Bishop knocks on Marcus’ door. He’s late, but he arrived and attends the birthday celebration, and Diana (Patricia De Leon) is pleased to see him, even if her husband is not. When Diana’s friend Maggie arrives, things become much more uncomfortable. It’s obvious that this is a ruse to get Bishop to date the woman. Instead, Bishop becomes inebriated. Bishop, who had lost his child, eventually leaves after the woman brings up her experience as a grandmother. Bishop leaves before dessert since the night goes tragically wrong. Marcus follows Bishop outside and offers that if he doesn’t like the way he’s handling the club, he should leave. Bishop also criticizes Alvarez for refusing to go to war before riding away.

Nails breakups with Angel

Angel returns to Nails (Justina Adorno) after the events at UC Davis and with Gaby. He embraces Nails. He apologizes for being gone so long. Nails admits that she initially wanted to be in this relationship, but she’s come to know that she can’t cure what’s wrong or Angel. He tries to reassure Angel that he would be better in the future, but Nails calls him out on his terrible behavior and breaks up with him. When Angel eventually asks about the baby. she stands up and he eventually realizes she lost the baby when she tears and shakes her head no. then She departs. Felipe Reyes pays a visit to his son following that. He tries to console Angel on the loss of his child by implying that he had to abandon Miguel Galindo. Angel, on the other hand, questions Felipe about their family’s curse before kicking him out.

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Ending Explained!

Later, an intoxicated Angel visits Coco. Letty is taken aback when she sees him. Angel claims he’s there because he can’t stop thinking about her. He attempts to have sex with Letty once more. Angel tries to convince Letty that yesterday was an error that won’t happen again. Gilly was in the residence when she rebuffs him. Gilly (Vincent Vargas) bursts in the door and begins thrashing Angel for having sex with Letty. Angel refuses to fight and apologizes. Letty assures him that it will never happen again. Angel and Gilly are thrown out by Letty.

Angel returns home quickly, where Adelita (Carla Baratta) is waiting for him. Angel begins to chastise Adelita for repeatedly reappearing in his life. He refuses to listen to what she has to say and cautions her that he cannot go through this again. He soon hears their kid whimpering, however. He takes up his son by bending over the crib. Angel notices that their child is still alive. While holding his baby and staring at Adelita, he says it again.

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