Mayans M.C Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Who killed Yuma Mayans leader? Explained

Last week Mayans M.C. Season 4 was a heart-wrenching one. No one expected EZ (JD Pardo) to kill his ex-girlfriend, Gabby, to protect his brother Angel. With this, the Mayans MC were unsuccessful in their attempts to kill several important Sons of Anarchy members. Last week’s Mayan M.C. someone kidnapped Galindo at the beginning of the episode, who did the kidnapping is also revealed in tonight’s episode which is directed by Danny Pino.  In addition, has anyone died in Mayans MC Season 4, Episode 8. So who killed/ Let us find out in this article who killed the Yuma Mayans leader?

The episode begins with EZ finding himself daydreaming about the beautiful moment with Gaby and the terrifying times he shared with Gaby. Angel and Adelita try to reunite and raise their child together. he plays with his boy. Adelita expresses her dissatisfaction with her child’s inability to breastfeed.  Finally, after her husband, Paul, nearly killed him earlier in Mayans M.C. Season 4, Gilly invites Rae and her kid to remain at his residence. They end up having a conversation about their time in the military.

EZ goes to his father, Felipe Reyes, who has a butcher shop, right away. EZ informs Felipe that Gaby has died and that he has finally figured out who he is. EZ considers himself to be a destructive force. This enrages Felipe, who expresses his disappointment. He says it’s a good thing his mom isn’t here. Felipe bursts into tears as EZ walks away.

Alvarez joins the Mayans at the temple later to plot their next move against the Sons of Anarchy, who have been attacking members of the club. Alvarez approves a deadly attack aimed at destroying the Bernardino and making the Sons of Anarchy reconsider any future vengeance. The president of Yuma, Stockton, and Oakland suggests Alvarez. on the other hand, he does not take part in the attack because the other Mayan chiefs believe he is too valuable to lose.  Canche (Jimmy Gonzales) decides to accompany Santo Padre in place of Alvarez. EZ rushes Angel outside the clubhouse, and Angel is grieving Gaby’s death. Angel has a hard time dealing with Gabby’s murder.  He is sad that Ez had to kill her and hugs EZ. He understands why Easy shot him.

Emily Galindo (Sarah Bolger), on the other hand, runs away from work when someone comes looking for her. She picks up a bus ticket and a suitcase from a locker. A large sum of money, as well as a new passport and driver’s license, are kept in the bag. She gets on a bus bound for Covington, Kentucky, where her son and sister reside.

Jess is ambushed by Jaz (Zhaleh vossough), who rants at her about how Terry was shot during the Mayan attack (in the episode 7). As a result of the incident, Terry’s sponsor has apparently returned, and everyone is scared of him. It’s unclear exactly who he is. Jaz refuses to leave Terry because of his poor conduct, as Jess advises. Jazz is eager to learn what Santo Padre has planned for the future. Instead, Jaz threatens Jess, informing her that if she doesn’t do exactly what the Sons of Anarchy want, she’ll reveal how she sold out the Mayans.

Mayans attack SOA Clubhouse: Who Kills Canche in Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 8 Recap?

A number of Bernardino members are caught off guard by the Mayans in a surprise attack. The Santo Padre Mayans defeat the San Bernardino club, despite the fact that some members are injured. Bishop is also on the verge of death, but Taza saves him. While the Sons of Anarchy members are being stripped of their kuttes, EZ rushes into the charter’s chapel and shoots one of the members hiding there. Canche enters to support him. Canche is then shot in the head by EZ , killing Yuma’s president. Angel arrives just after the shooting has ended they stare at each other.

The Mayans celebrate their triumph at the Santo Padre clubhouse. Manny receives EZ’s condolences on Canche’s death. He then tells the Yuma Mayan that he should aim to get elevated to vice president of his club because the leadership will be shifting after Canche’s death. Manny has a strong suspicion that EZ had anything to do with Canche’s death. Taza says he no longer owes Bishop anything for not letting him shoot himself the night he confessed to Riz’s murder. Kody is also brought to the party by Creeper, and the two of them drink with Bishop. Later, Creeper tells Kody that he wants her to be his girlfriend someday, and she says she’s open to the idea.

Angel spends time with Adelita and baby, She soon admits that she feels broken as a result of all the terrible things she has done and what has happened to her. She refers to herself as a demon. Angel, on the other hand, claims that it is her responsibility to protect her child to prevent them from becoming like her. Angel also claims that if Adelita leaves her child, he will keep it.

Rae and Gilly end up having a conversation about their time in the military, and Rae discloses that they killed a family in Mosul. Rae accepts responsibility for the incident, but Gilly erupts in rage. Later, he sleeps in his car, his revolver close at his hand cover with kutte.

Cartel boss El Banquero mother’s dies. This causes him to have a nervous breakdown, during which he confronts his sister, Soledad, and declares sole control of the cartel. He won’t work with her any longer. Soledad, on the other hand, has other ideas. In the closing moment, it’s revealed that She abducted Miguel Galindo.She says the two of them need to talk, implying that they will form an alliance.

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