Law & Order Season 22 Episode 1 Recap: Law & Order–SVU–OC – Premiere Crossover

Law & Order television series begins a new season with its first three-way crossover, titled “Gimme Shelter,” going against the regular order. SVU’s Captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Det Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) are called in to assist in the investigation of a young girl’s death by Law & Order’s Det Frank Cosgrove (Jeffrey Donovan) and his new colleague, Det Jalen Shaw (Mehcad Brooks). The tale then shifts to SVU and finally to Law & Order, where DA McCoy (Sam Waterston) and ADA Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy) take on an international crime ring as the trail points to sex trafficking and a potential terrorist threat. provides a comprehensive recap on this page. 

Law & Order Season 22 Episode 1 Recap [Gimme Shelter] Part 3

As we approach Law & Order’s Season 22 debut, which also serves as the third installment in a crossover event with SVU and OC, that is the topic of the hour, posed by Nolan Price. Where were we before? the mobster in issue, Sirenko, is in police custody, accused of killing five people as well as a number of other crimes, and everyone is trying to determine why he planted the bomb. One of his accomplices is interrogated, and when he is threatened with arrest, he turns up Ava’s phone, which he discovered the morning she fled the boat.

The phone contains a video that Ava captured of a Russian power player bragging intoxicatedly about his plans to carry out a big boom that would demonstrate Russia’s dominance to the rest of the world. But when he saw that Ava was recording him, he lost it and started the fight that left her with blood on her hands and forced her to flee at the beginning of the crossover. As a result, they detain Rublev, a Russian. But the phone footage is disregarded as proof, thus ADA In order to persuade Nicole to collaborate with the prosecution, Maroun seeks Liv’s assistance. Men open fire on them as Rollins prepares to carry Nicole into the city for a rendezvous, and Nicole flees. one of them fires a bullet into Rollins’ abdomen! Oh no! Is this the start of Amanda Rollins’ demise on SVU?

The most anyone can tell Benson when she gets on the scene after Rollins has been brought to the hospital is that Amanda was still alive when she was carried into the ambulance. Carisi arrives and begins to cry. The look on his face when he holds Olivia and wonders whether Rollins is still alive shows how desperate he is, and it almost makes me want to die. Back at the precinct, Benson informs Price that Rollins is recovering well from surgery and that the shooters most likely located Nicole since she had contacted someone covertly earlier in the day. He has more bad news: Nicole must testify, or Rublev will probably go free.

Benson, though, is solely concerned with giving Nicole a chance to live a happy life. She then boards a flight for Toronto to visit a relative there. “Get a judge to issue a warrant, and take this girl back to New York!” When McCoy learns what Benson has done, he crows. However, extradition laws make it complicated, and Maroun argues that Nicole’s trauma will make her a mess that the defence may take advantage of in court. She decided to work with Sirenko to depose Rublev. McCoy is on board, much to Price’s horror. Since Ava knew too much about his plan to blow up the hotel, Sirenko claims that Rublev, who was essentially his employer, urged him to kill her. Afterward, Stabler is enraged that the murderer of Vince would only serve 20 years in prison as opposed to a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of release.

The court case starts. Sirenko gets up to speak. Rublev is so terrified by it that his attorney promises to provide Russian secret information in exchange for tolerance. Price, who wants the Russian to pay for all the people he killed, is irritated by McCoy’s statement that they must consider the State Department’s offer. Rublev initially requests immunity in exchange for his information, but a furious Price declines to budge. Instead, Rublev presents a contrite demeanor and declares that he will go to any length to ensure that Price & Company preserves his wife and children. Rublev is then shot at close range by a hitman as he is being returned to jail. While Price is attempting to stop the neck bleeding, he passes away.

At a media briefing after the trial, Price states, “Even though this case was highly exceptional in many respects and the trial was shortened due to unforeseeable circumstances, we feel that justice has been done. Stabler is leading a raid on a home where trafficking women are being detained as we watch in the background. Cosgrove also shares another dinner with his daughter during which he explains that while they cannot guarantee everyone’s safety, they do their utmost to achieve it.As we witness Carisi visit a Surviving Rollins at the hospital.  Liv also sees Nicole.

Law and Order SUV Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Gimme Shelter Part 2

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