Law and Order SUV Season 24 Episode 1 Recap: Gimme Shelter Part 2

Law and Order SUV Season 24 Episode 1 Recap Gimme Shelter Part 2-

A joint operation between the police of Law & Order, SVU, and OC begins horrifyingly with the execution-style murder of a little girl on a New York City street. The girl was Ukrainian, had survived the Russian invasion, and was quickly involved in sex trafficking after landing in the United States, it was discovered during the first hour of the crossover event. And that information lead Benson & Co. from SVU, Cosgrove & Shaw from Law & Order, and Stabler & Bell from OC to a group of extremely evil people who were engaging in very awful behavior. provides a comprehensive recap on this page. Law & Order Season 22 Episode 1 Recap {PArt 1}

Law and Order SUV Season 24 Episode 1 Recap

Nicole, the young woman Cosgrove discovered at the pimp’s residence, recognizes Sirenko as the man who chased after Ava on the day of her death. As a result, Sirenko’s home is raided by Stabler, Benson, Cosgrove, and their coworkers. However, they soon learn that Sirenko has fled and has left bomb-making materials in his garage. Sirenko isn’t interested in domestic terrorism, so they are stymied. And based on what they can see, they deduce that the bomb is a sizable improvised explosive device (IED) designed to do a lot of harm. However, Sirenko has left with the device, and they are unsure of his whereabouts. Liv orders an NYC official to “call your supervisor and shut the city down right away.” Sirenko is contacted by Elliot via his CI, Vince, in order to bring him out.

And he is prosperous! However, Sirenko forces the CI to enter a basement of a demolished structure where a fresh foundation is being laid: Elliot immediately orders the cops to enter the scene after learning it from the CI’s covert camera. Stabler and Sirenko get into a shootout. The bad guy escapes, but not before shooting Vince numerous times. Stabler begs the young man to stay with him, but the young man passes away.  El almost tears apart a city official who bursts in and insults the team for still not knowing where the bomb is because he is so upset about it and so angry at losing Sirenko. But Liv stops him, and they finally learn that Sirenko is preparing to blow up a NATO gathering that is taking place at an upscale Manhattan hotel. In order to find the bomb before it detonates, they have to leave the building.

In the few mins before the timer goes off, Shaw eventually finds the bomb in the garage and begs Lt. Dixon to show him how to disarm it. She does, however, tell him and Cosgrove to leave, which they do, only to see Sirenko leave with the rest of the crowd. And when the explosive detonates, throwing both Frank and Shaw to the ground.  and allowing Sirenko to escape, Cosgrove has just placed his hands on the man. Rollins snatches a captive and flees into a clothes store after spotting Sirenko. However, when he tries to flee out the back, Stabler pushes him into the week after and then almost shoots him until Cosgrove intervenes and tells Stabler to “Ease down.” Frank and Elliot express gratitude to one another for saving the other from using the police force in a highly questionable way as Sirenko is being loaded into a cruiser.

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