La Outro Mirada (A Different View) Season 2 Premiere on July 7

La Outro Mirada - A different view Season 2 Premiere on July 7

The second season of the Spanish series La Outro Mirada, A Different View in Portuguese, will premiere on July 7 on RTP2, at 10:10 pm, with episodes to be broadcast from Monday to Friday.

La Otra Mirada takes place in a school, based on the traditions of a provincial capital, right after the First World War. Society is dark and conservative and the teachers are fighting for women’s rights.

In this new season, after four months in prison, Teresa, played by Patricia López Amaiz , is declared innocent of her father’s murder and is released. However, this teacher is no longer the same and has no strength to face her half sister Roberta ( Begoña Vargas ). However, Teresa has a new challenge ahead when she meets Inês ( Dariam Coco ), a young African prostitute who is alone. Teresa thus undertakes to help her enter the Academy so that she can graduate.

The cast of the series 2 also features Macarena García , Ana Wagener , Cecilia Freire , Lucía Díez , Carla Campra , Paula de la Nieta , Abril Montilla and Elena Gallardo .

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