A Documentary “Simple as Water” from Megan Mylan

Simple as Water Movie - docs
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Directed by Academy Award-winner Megan Mylan (Lost Boys of Sudan, Smile Pinki) Simple as Water is a soft-spoken meditation on love, displacement, and fracturing familial relations. Here we have some photos for Simple as Water Movie check it below.

From Turkey to Greece to Germany to the U.S., the bond of close relatives transcends borders for Syrian families impacted by the repercussions of perpetual war.

The film unfolds as a sequence of vignettes featuring families in Turkey, Greece, the U.S., and Syria. Each chapter is an intimate portrait of Syrian parents—often mothers alone—struggling to remake their children’s lost sense of security and possibility. They are at once the victims and the heroes of the war.

The film looks beyond the chaotic rawness of war to slow down and immerse the audience in discrete human lives—each with expectations and aspirations for their future that have come to a crashing halt.

we don’t know when Simple as Water Movie is set to air, but we’ll keep you guys updated on that when we hear something new.

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