Insecure Season 4 Episodes 1 Recap – Lowkey Feelin’ Myself

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Season 4 of Insecure is here and my body has been READY for this moment! Times are rough and we need our shows more than ever. I’ve been missing the adventures of Issa Dee and her crew, so let’s get into it!

Good Vibes – Issa is all settled into her new apartment, and Self-Care Sundays is a standing date with her and Molly. This time, they got weed, yoga and candled. Overall, our girl is feeling optimistic about life.

Part of what Issa is excited about is the block party she’s planning, so she meets up with Condola, who is helping her put it together. Condola got a new boo she’s gonna bring to the fundraising mixer for the party. OK DEN!

Molly’s on a date with Andrew (aka Asian bae) and it’s going so well that in spite of the fact that he bowled a strike, she still makes out with him. Issa’s love life? Well, she’s making casual secks with a big dude who works for TSA. His doggy style leaves much to be desired but his missionary game ain’t too bad so I guess we’ll take it.

Dropping News – Issa goes shopping at her favorite boutique for her mixer ensemble, and in all her cheap glory, she keeps recycling the same $500 at the store. How? By buying, wearing and returning. Ma’am, this ain’t Rent the Runway, but smart either way.

Later on, she goes to Condola’s office to finalize plans and in walks a very pregnant Tiffany. She comments on Condola’s beautiful floral bouquet and homegirl blushes and says it’s from her new dude, who she met at Tiffany’s baby shower. Wait. There weren’t a lot of men there. Madame DuBois the tactless lets it out that her coworker’s new boo is none other than Lawrence, Best Buy ex-bae.

Andddd things get awkward. Issa, of course, tries to play it cool but after having a random imagining of Condola and Lawrence being freak nasty all over, it’s clear that this ain’t settling well in her spirit.

It’s date night and when Condola walks into Lawrence’s apartment, her energy is off. She tells him that the person she’s been working with, whose mixer she asked him to come to is Issa, his ex. You would a thought he saw a ghost. Five years is nothing to dismiss. She takes a rain check on their date so she can go figure out how she’s feeling about this new news. And to ponder whether she can still be a part of this block party.

Mixing – It’s mixer day, and all hands on deck for setup, including Issa’s brother (Ahmal), who will be DJing later. It’s happening in the common area of Issa’s apartment complex: because savings. Condola shows up and the tension of their new awareness is real.

Molly’s headed there with Andrew when she finds out that he’s actively dating other people. Because listen here. Until y’all exclusive, everyone’s a free agent. Them the rules. When they get to the party, they Molly tells Issa and her friend is basically like “ok and?”

At the mixer, Kelli is bartending, which is probably not a great decision, because she’s too heavy-handed and the alcohol gon dry up quick if she doesn’t cut back. Besides that, things are going well until the Diageo sponsor, Cheryl, tries to talk to Issa to find out more about what se wants to accomplish with the block party. Condola and Issa start speaking over each other and their Lawrence-induced awkwardness is clearly not going anywhere.

Issa’s attempts at getting sponsors to sign up are failing, doe. She’s going to each person and selling them the dream they want to hear, not her actual vision. It ain’t going well.

Ahmal turns on the music and his first contribution at a fundraising mixer full of people who Issa wants to cut her a check is Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.” Before Issa can even react, Trina, her turnt neighbor, who has her eyes on Ahmal takes the mic and invites people to an afterparty in her apartment. Right then, Tiffany tells Issa that a porta potty is broken. The definition of “dis tew much.”

Issa tells Ahmal to chill and takes the mic from Tiffany to set the record straight on the fact that the block party is important to help amplify creatives from the neighborhood in the way they don’t have a chance. She leads with honesty and it shifts the energy in the room. By the time she gets off the mic, sponsors are lined up to sign up for it. Condola congratulates her from a far and leaves.

30 sponsors later, the girls congratulate Issa on a job well done. Molly even lets Andrew leave by himself so she can stick around and help her clean up. Molly vents to Issa about her dating frustration and her bestie tells her to be real with herself and admit that she really likes Asian bae. She’s feeling him more than whatever the casual thing they had was. Molly obviously doesn’t like it and turns it around. She tells Issa to be real because it’s mad weird that she’s now knowingly collaborating with her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend. She charges Issa up and says that it might be possible that she likes all this drama and mess she constantly finds herself in. She definitely ain’t say it with love, either. It was a straight dig.

The two clean up and barely say much else to each other. Whew.

What’s wild is that Issa was right. Molly does like Andrew, because she texts him an apology for acting funny towards him and admits that very thing.

Condola ends up at Lawrence’s doorstep, and mouth hugs him. She receives a thank you text from Issa, but she didn’t see it, as she was horizontally tangoing with Lawrence.

Whewwww. This season of Insecure is already plotting to drag me by my eyebrows. Let’s not forget that the first thing Issa says in this episode is “I don’t fuck with Molly anymore,” which is a point I think we will be working towards. We’re already seeing cracks in the friendship in this first episode. Things are NOT good with our faves. Those good vibes that Issa was feeling have slipped a little bit. At least, she got TSA bae to keep her warm, if she needs. I especially like his support at the mixer. Getchu a situationship that includes the person’s enthusiasm outside the bed and you might be on the right track.

Tiffany is about 45 months pregnant. I can’t wait for her to drop that baby. And Kelli is still a walking inner monologue and I love her for it.

Now Lawrence. This new job seems to be going well because homie’s buying nice flowers now? OK glow up! Condola seems real cool but this collabo with Issa while she’s freaking her ex. I’m looking forward to seeing that play out.

Welcome back, Insecure. We’ve missed you.

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