Ink Master Season 14 Episode 10 [Finale] Winner – DJ Tambe??

Ink Master season 14 Episode 10 Winner

DJ Tambe won the season for the third time. Gian Karle came in second, Bob Jones came in third, and Creepy Jason came in fourth.

On September 7, 2022, Paramount+ showed the first episode of the fourteenth season of the tattoo reality show Ink Master.  Joel Madden, who is the lead singer of the band Good Charlotte, is the new host and judge, taking over for Dave Navarro. Chris Nez and Oliver Peck were replaced by three new judges. Season 8 winners Ryan Ashley, Ami James, and Nikko Hurtado are the new judges.  Navarro appears as the “Master of Chaos,” giving the challenges new twists. This is the show’s first season with four regular judges. This season, ten artists from previous seasons, including four winners, are back to compete for the title of Ink Master and $250,000. The season had 10 episodes, and the last one came out on November 2, 2022.  The artists were named before the show’s premiere.  Navarro appears as the “Master of Chaos,” giving the challenges new twists. The top four artists take on what is sure to be the most difficult final tattoo in the competition’s long history. Amazing tattoos spark a contentious discussion on body art. One artist walks away with a prize package of $250,000 and the title of Ink Master, But Who???.  For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in Ink Master Season 14 Episode 10, continue reading the recap at

Ink Master Season 14 Episode 10 Part 2 Recap

The outcome for the last position in the Top 4 is made public. DJ earned the last berth in the Tattoo Marathon by being the third-ranked artist. Expert: DJ Tambe. And Angel Rose was removed. The Top Four must complete a 24-hour back-piece Master Canvas in order to compete for the title of Season Champion. The artists are given the freedom to create whatever they want during the two consecutive 12-hour sessions that are recorded back-to-back. After the judges have finished providing feedback on the artists’ works, a panel of their contemporaries will vote to determine who will make it into the top three. This season’s conclusion will not be broadcast live in front of an audience, in contrast to the prior seasons. The jury of peers will now include Angel Rose and Anthony Michaels, who have both been reinstated.

Ink Master season 14 Episode 10 Winner

Bob and DJ were their top two candidates, but in the end, they decided that DJ’s work was the most creative and so deserving of a spot in the top three. The judges then came to the conclusion that Creepy Jason should be eliminated since his tattoo lacked a primary focus of attention. After that, Bob is taken out of the running due to readability concerns. The judges are having a heated discussion about the tattoos that DJ and Gian have. Due to the fact that there is a deadlock, the vote will also be cast by the jury of peers, which now includes Creepy Jason and Bob. It has been determined that DJ is the winner of the season, making this his third victory overall.

DJ Tambe was chosen as the winner by the peer jury. Creepy Jason comes in at number four.  Bob Jones comes in third place. Runner-Up: Gian Karle. Ink Master Season 14 Winner is DJ Tambe.

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