Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6: Thor encounters someone from his past.

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6:

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6 will air on November 3, 2022 on CBS. It is going to focus on two specific characters in particular, and those characters are going to be Thorfinn and Trevor. Thor encounters a ghostly Viking from his past.  

In the fifth episode of the second season of Ghosts, Halloween has brought even more scary chaos to Woodstone Manor. For its second-ever Halloween episode, Ghosts travels to the Gilded Age past. In contrast to the last Hetty-centered episode (starring Rebecca Wisocky), in which a person from her past was banished to hell, Molly the maid (Hannah Rose May), is this time summoned from an ethereal paradise. The visiting spirit appears during a seance that Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) stage to impress friends on the spookiest night of the year. In addition, Isaac’s dating problems are a wonderful fit for everything else that is happening with Sam, Jay, and the rest of the ghosts. It was a good and exciting episode. Every single one of the characters is excellent at making us laugh with their quips and jokes. We require additional episodes similar to Ghosts Season 2 Episode 5 in the future. (Read the recap below)  Fans are now eager to discover more about the new episode of Ghosts (2021). At, you’ve come to the perfect place to get the Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6 synopsis and trailer.

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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers

Sam and Jay’s families are the ghosts that viewers have grown to know and love, and Season 2 will give each of them an opportunity to shine. Even more zombie action is coming as we’re going to learn more about another ghost that resides there and its link to one of our ghosts. In the sixth episode of Ghosts’ second season, “Baby Bjorn, “ viewers will see the ghost of a Viking played by Christian Jadah at the home of their more abrasive neighbor, Farnsby. Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) is tricked by the Wall Street knowledgeable Trevor (Asher Grodman) into trading a hot new commodity. The major news among the long dead, however, is Sam’s (Rose McIver) revelation that a number of houses distant sleeps the spirit of someone close to Thorfinn (Devan Chandler Long), whose discovery has the power to move even the most heartless of Vikings.

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6:

This ghost has a surprising connection to Thorfinn who is portrayed by Devan Chandler Long. We’ll find out more about Thorfinn. In addition to this, Jewish Trevor thinks of an innovative way for the ghosts to barter for favors. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve included the complete plot summary and promo for Ghosts season 2 episode 6 below.

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6 Synopsis:  –  Sam meets a Viking ghost at the Farnsbys’ house who has an unexpected connection to Thorfinn. Also, Trevor devises a new method for the ghosts to trade favors.

what’s going to happen in the episodes that follow this one? the episode named “Dumb Deaths” will air on November 10 and that following that, there will be a break in production for a short period of time. there will not be a new episode on November 17.

Ghosts Season 2 Cast

Samantha and Jay, are Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar. Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac, Richie Moriarty as Pete, Danielle Pinnock as Alberta, and Asher Grodman as Trevor reprise their respective roles. Sasappis is portrayed by Román Zaragoza, Flower by Sheila Carrasco, Hetty by Rebecca Wisocky, and Thorfinn by Devan Chandler Long. Guest stars include Felicia Shulman, Mark Linn-Baker, Christian Jadah, Lindsey Broad, Kelly Craig, and Robert J. Tavenor.

CBS’s Ghosts Season 2 Episode 6 Release Time

New Series Ghosts  Season 2 Episode 6 will air on November 3. “Ghosts” premieres on CBS on Thursday. Each episode will premiere on Paramount+ on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT, (at 8 pm on NewsChannel5.) the same day it airs on CBS. The CBS All Access app has been renamed Paramount+, and you can now watch new episodes of “Ghosts” with Live TV the day after they premiere on Hulu.

CBS’s Ghosts Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Jay goes to the farmer’s market, where he makes a purchase from June and Ally’s stall of veggies. They divulge the information that they will be attending Liam Neeson’s Halloween party and speculate that Jay wanted to go to the party. Jay deceived the neighbours into thinking that he and Sam were going to have their own Halloween party. The neighbours make a pact to visit one another before the other party arrives. Sam gives his assent to host the Halloween party. Isaac inquires as to whether or not he is able to bring Nigel, and both Jay and Sam are cool with the idea. Because there is such little notice, Trevor is concerned that nobody will show up for the event. Attendance at the Halloween celebration was limited to just a handful of persons. Isaac’s ghostly ability is activated when one of the other neighbors walks through him and ignites the foul odor.

Nigel does not fully understand where it came from, and Isaac points the finger at Pete. Hetty suggests that they arrange a seance in order to make June and Ally more impressed. When Sam begins to recite the chant, lightning will strike, and a doorway will open, revealing a new ghost that has arrived. On the other hand, the humans at the seance table saw nothing unusual happen. The apparition is Hetty’s former maid, who had an affair with Hetty’s spouse. Hetty believes the maid should return to the beyond; yet, she is unsure how the maid arrived there in the first place. Jay divulges the information that everyone has departed the party. Sam is under the impression that they have a limited amount of time to coax Molly back through the portal before Halloween is finished, else she will be unable to leave the other side. Sam and Jay give one more seance ritual an attempt, but it is unsuccessful. Since the feather duster once belonged to Molly, Jay is of the opinion that they must retrieve it in order to successfully perform the rite.

Pete wants Isaac to be honest with Nigel about his ghost power and encourages Isaac to do so. Isaac is ashamed at the prospect of the fart power convincing Nigel to quit. Sam pushes Hetty to find peace with Molly because he believes it will assist Hetty in moving on with her life. Flower has the brilliant idea of confining Hetty and Molly together in the same room so that they can work through their problems. They are under the impression that the safe will solve the problem. Flower barricaded the entrance to the vault, trapping Hetty, Molly, and Sam within. Because Sam is now inside the safe, Alberta and Flower are unable to unlock the vault door because the handle is constructed of a various materials than the door itself. Sam is overcome with fear and believes that she will suffocate to death inside the vault. Jay goes to June and Ally in order to reclaim the feather duster. Hetty and Molly engage in a conversation about the past. Molly admits that Elias followed her, and that she was unable to reject his advances due to the fact that she was a maid and was attempting to raise her child by herself. Elias was the target of Molly and Hetty’s animosity, and Molly was the one who delivered Elias Syphallus. Jay is guided into the restroom by Thorfinn, who makes use of his abilities. In the restroom, Trevor delivers a message to Jay, but Jay interprets it incorrectly. Isaac utilises his powers to convince Jay to return and read the note he was left. Jay is able to uncover the fact that Sam is hiding in the vault. Sam is released from the vault thanks to Jay. Nigel has no problem with Isaac having so much power. They get along well with one another. Molly is seen being sent back to the afterlife as a result of Sam and Jay’s successful seance procedure. Hetty tries to hold onto her in order to be carried to the opposite side, but her attempt is unsuccessful.

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