Ryan Ashley Spend Refreshing time Before Premiere of Ink Master Grudge Match

Ryan Ashley
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 Ryan Ashley Malarkey is an American tattoo artist who was the eighth season’s champion, the first woman to win the title, and as of August 2019, the only female champion in its first eleven seasons.

Viacom-owned pay-TV channel Paramount Network has ordered Ryan Ashley will serve as a judge in Ink Master Grudge Match which will premiere on October 1 at 10 pm ET/PT at Paramount Network.

Before the premiere of Ink Master Grudge Match, she spends most amazing time with special friends. it seemed that she wants tension-free before the show as a judge On September 1 she posted a new photo with her most special friends at Crystal, Colorado.

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Naked in Nature with some of the most special friends I could ask for, while on our hippie mini-cation out at Crystal, Colorado. What an amazing and refreshing few days we got to spend completely cut off from the world in the mountains with no electricity and no cell service! Hiking, adventuring, bonding, connecting, board games, amazing conversation- just wow. It’s crazy how quickly life can change, and I’m really learning to appreciate the little things of each day and focus on what’s really important- life, love, experiences, people, memories, bonds, and connections. Positivity is key, remember to always be kind to each other ❤️ 

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Ink Master: Grudge Match will provide former Ink Master contestants the opportunity to settle vendettas with rivals they previously competed against. Former Ink Master champions Ryan Ashley, DJ Tambe and Cleen Rock One will be judges.

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