‘Ink Master’ Season 14: Meet the Judges

In Master season 14
Ink Master - (L-R) Joel Madden, Ryan Ashley, Nikko Hurtado and Ami James , Dave Navarro James Minchin / Paramount+

The popular reality competition series Ink Master, which was terminated in September following a two-year hiatus, has returned to the streaming service  Paramount+ with a new host. Legendary tattoo artists who are fan favorites return for the new season of Ink Master to participate in the supreme tattoo competition. The competition’s biggest grand prize ever: $250,000 and the title of “Ink Master.” The artists will compete and take on some of the biggest, most thrilling, and epic challenges ever witnessed.

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‘Ink Master’ Season 14 Release Date

Ten episodes make up Ink Master Season 14. The show’s fourteenth season will premiere on September 7 on Paramount+  Along with the competition-based offshoot shows Ink Master: Redemption and Ink Master: Angels, all 13 seasons of Ink Master are currently available for streaming on Paramount+.

Ink Master will formally return for Season 14 with Joel Madden as the host.

But that isn’t the only significant change. As for the presenter, Dave Navarro, who presided over the proceedings for a record 13 seasons, will be replaced by Good Charlotte vocalist Joel Madden. Though he has been dubbed “Master of Chaos,” Navarro won’t go too far; he will shake things up with unexpected competition twists in each show.

Ryan Ashley, the winner of Season 8 will serve as a judge.

The inaugural female Ink Master winner was Ashley.

Nikko Hurtado, a well-known tattoo artist also serves as a judge.

Industry veteran Ami James will also serve as a judge.

Ami James is a well-known Japanese tattoo expert and businessman with close to 30 years of expertise.

In his role as the “Master of Chaos,” former host Dave Navarro brings wild surprises and game-changing explosives to the battle.

The following tattoo artists will be featured on the show:

The competitors must demonstrate that they have the exceptional abilities that distinguish an Ink Master, including composition, precision, colour theory, finesse, stamina, and endurance. One slip-up might send them home, and only one artist will win since the stakes are bigger than they’ve ever been.

GIAN KARLE (Season 8)
KATIE MCGOWAN (Season 8, Season 9)
DEANNA JAMES (Season 10)
ANGEL ROSE (Season 11, Season 13)
CREEPY JASON (Season 12)
HOLLI MARIE (Season 12)
PON (Season 12)
HIRAM CASAS (Season 13)
BOB JONES (Season 13)

Executive producers of the competition series include Andrea Richter, Steven Weinstock, and Glenda Hersh. Additionally serving as executive producers for MTV Entertainment Studios are Benjamin Hurvitz, Jessica Zalkind, and Tim Palazzola. The executive in charge of production is Donny Hugo Herran. Truly Original and MTV Entertainment Studios collaborated to produce Ink Master.

The season 14 premiere of Ink Master will air on September 7 on Paramount+.

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