In The Next 365 Days, who will Laura end up with — Massimo or Nacho?

The eagerly awaited 365 Days: This Day sequel to the sensual film from 2020 will finally be accessible on Netflix starting April 27, 2022, and it has ruled Netflix’s global charts.  Don Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) and Laura Biel (Anna- aria Sieklucka) continue their twisted love story in the hot Polish film, but things get complex when Nacho played by Simone Susinna, a mystery newcomer shows up. Fans will undoubtedly be curious to see who Laura will end up with in The Next 365 Days, the concluding film based on the trilogy of books by Blanka Lipiska. The first two sequels were shot concurrently, and the third is scheduled for release on August 19. Thankfully, based on the specifics from the original material,( we could now have an answer.  Discover who Laura will most likely date at the conclusion of the novel by reading on.

[Netflix] The Next 365 Days Ending Explained: Who does Laura choose?

Will there be a fourth installment of 365 Days on Netflix?

Don Massimo and Laura get married and have a sensual honeymoon together in 365 Days: This Day, but their union is doomed when Laura mistakes Adriano, Massimo’s twin, for having sex with Anna, Massimo’s ex, for Massimo. Laura is devastated because she thinks Massimo is a lying cheater and leaves her husband, which causes Nacho to take her to a location where they can spend time together. It seems that Adriano and Anna created this plot to exact revenge.

In 365 Days: This Day, who is Nacho?

Nacho introduces himself as a gardener when Laura first meets him in 365 Days: This Day, but Laura eventually learns that the enigmatic man is hiding something: He wants to use Laura as leverage to persuade Massimo to cede control of his criminal enterprise to Adriano. His real identity is Marcelo “Nacho” Matos, and he is the child of Don Fernando Matos, the leader of a Spanish crime gang and a rival of Massimo’s. Nacho reveals his pregnant sister and invites Laura to his home in the follow-up film after she attempts to avoid Massimo. Laura and Nacho begin to share sensual dreams and share a passionate scene at the beach, but when Laura learns Nacho is actually Massimo, she feels betrayed since she believes Nacho is simply “excellent at lying.

“Although Nacho appears earnest when he says that all the nice things he has done for Laura have been genuine, his words fall short because Laura believes they were “done” the moment he told her the truth. Nacho and Massimo search for Laura in the sequel’s final scene after learning that she was abducted. In the ensuing Mexican standoff, Laura is being held captive by Massimo’s twin brother after they discover her with Adriano and Anna (Massimo’s ex). Nacho shoots Laura after Anna shoots her when she tries to escape. Adriano is shot by Massimo. Fans of 365 Days: This Day are left with the unanswered question of whether Laura survived the gunshot at the end of the episode, but we all know how she did. Although Nacho appears sad as he exits the scene, it is obvious that he will stay to be a key character in The Next 365 Days.

In The Next 365 Days, who will Laura end up with—Massimo or Nacho?

The trilogy of sensual novels by Blanka Lipiska served as the inspiration for the 365 Days films. The second 365 Days movie is based on her second novel, This Day, while the first 365 Days film is based on the first book.  If the third film follows the heartwarming plot of the novel, we may now know who Laura will end up with at the conclusion of the story. Netflix has already confirmed The Next 365 Days, which is believed to be based on Lipsika’s third book of the same title. In the book The Next 365 Days, Laura loses control of the business and opts for friendship instead. She also adopts a puppy named Prada. However, her relationship with Nacho begins to take off, and Massimo begins to abuse drugs. Massimo kills Prada as a sort of angry warning when Laura and Nacho start to fall in love, although he subsequently denies committing it.

In The Next 365 Days, who will Laura end up with — Massimo or Nacho?

Then, Laura is envious of Massimo when he brings a different woman along to Olga (Magdalena Lamparska) and Domenico’s wedding. He is successful in getting her to turn against Nacho, and after she leaves with Massimo, she discovers that he tricked her.  Laura finally makes her way back into Massimo’s grasp, plans her escape, and goes back to Nacho. After being married, Laura and Nacho are now expecting their first child. So it appears like Laura and Nacho will end up together in the end, but if the third movie deviates from the third book’s plot, the outcome might surprise us. The sequence in the third film where Massimo kills Laura’s dog may also be removed by Netflix. But So many people would like to see Laura and Massimo together in The Next 365 Days.. Fans are eagerly expecting the release of the third film, which makes sense given that The Next 365 Days will reveal whether Laura will finally choose Massimo or Nacho.

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