In House of the Dragon Episode 8: Before dying who was Viserys truly referring to? Ending Explained!

in House of the Dragon Episode 8: Before dying who was Viserys truly referring to? Ending Explained!

Finally released is the eighth installment of the House of the Dragon prelude to Game of Thrones. Being a pivotal juncture in the plot where several events occur that will have a concerning impact on the remaining seasons, it was anticipated for a very long time. In episode 8, the noble King Viserys (Paddy Considine) passes away after years of battling illness, leaving the entire country in ruins. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in House of the Dragon Episode 8 Recap continue reading at

The scene of King Viserys’ death is quite fascinating. He is certainly in the terminal stages of dying since he is mumbling his last words. His wife Alicent Hightower, who he confides in, listens to him talk about his love for his kids, his regrets, and his heir. When Viserys refers to their offspring and names Aegon II as his heir, Alicent  (Olivia Cooke) perceives these words—or rather, her brain does—as though they are speaking about their children. Is that actually the case, though? Over the course of the first season, as the mental and physical suffering grew worse with each passing episode, we saw Viserys start to lose his mind a little.

What Did Viserys Say to Alicent at the End of Episode 8

King Viserys unintentionally calls Alicent Aemma in episode 8. His love for both Rhaenyra and Aemma remained unwavering, as evidenced by the fact that he still owns her engagement ring, as seen in earlier episodes. In his final moments, Viserys is affected by the milk of the poppy, which causes him to experience hallucinations. He mistakenly believes Alicent to be Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy). As the heir to the Iron Throne, he is actually speaking of Rhaenyra and her children while admitting his guilt as a parent and his love for her. The dying words of Viserys are not even mentioned in the texts because Alicent waits to announce his passing until Aegon is crowned out of concern that someone might disagree with her.

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