House of the Dragon Episode 3 Recap: Is Craghas Drahar Dead?

House of the Dragon Episode 3 Recap The Second in His Name

The third episode of the popular Game of Thrones prequel is bookended by fierce battle scenes, and the story jumps ahead a few years to show King Viserys (Paddy Considine) in an “abyss of grief and regret” as the kingdom deals with the repercussions of his choice to marry and impregnate the young, fertile Alicent Hightower (Emily Carey). His stubborn daughter Rhaenyra (the amazing Milly Alcock), a “heedless contrarian,” who refuses to be married off to the highest bidder, is less ready to comply with his demands.  Three years later, the show still conveys that information without coming across as annoying. Rhaenyra is understandably displeased that she now has a shrieking young rival for the Iron Throne. Viserys refuses to nominate Rhaenyra as the Aegon heir despite Otto’s urging. When Viserys sends help to Daemon at the Stepstones, there is a fierce battle between the Targaryen volunteer force and the Triarchy in which their commander Craghas Drahar is killed. Yes! Daemon Targaryen killed Craghas Drahar. provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

House of the Dragon Episode 4:- Viserys choose the next heir

House of the Dragon Episode 3 Recap

The setting is terrible as we begin with a ship that is burning at night. A man is being nailed to a post by a masked attacker when he says, “House Velayron is coming for you!” As we’ve seen in previous flashes, that assailant is the Crab Feeder, who attacks the nail man while he is cursing and releases a number of his namesake crustaceans on him. And yet: The crab-feedee becomes very enthusiastic as a dragon soars in, horking up flames all over the scene, but when the beast arrives, one of its feet accidentally stomps the crab-feedee into a paste. Carax, the dragon, is being commanded by Daemon. Daemon insults the Crab Feeder, whom he calls Drahar, and ends up suffering a hot arrow in the shoulder before Caraxes hauls his tail out of there as the soldiers scatter in fright and attempt to avoid getting flambeed.

Two years have passed since the events of the previous episode at King’s Landing. Rhaenyra continues to be friends with Alicent despite learning about her father, but their friendship has changed. In a bid to win Rhaenyra’s hand, Lord Jason Lannister. The Kingswood outside of King’s Landing, where Viserys and his court had gathered for a hunt in honor of his son Aegon’s second birthday, serves as the setting for the majority of the novel. Yes, Viserys now has a son, who is Queen Alicent Hightower’s firstborn. Alicent has given the king a son and is expecting another child.  To honor young Aegon’s name day, a royal hunt is held. Viserys admits to Alicent his reservations regarding the succession. Without His Grace’s permission, the Sea Snake and the Demon began their conflict. He would appear weak if he intervened now, after all this time, Otto Hightower says. But where an absent Rhaenyra is is all that Viserys really worries about.

House of the Dragon Episode 3

They are no longer the best of friends when Alicent discovers the princess reading beneath the weirwood, though it appears that Alicent at least wishes they still were. Rhaenyra only participates in a festive hunt in the Kingswood at her father’s orders. A man notices Rhaenyra as she strolls around the celebrations and subsequently makes a formal introduction to her. He utters, “Lord Jason Lannister.” He brags about Casterly Rock and all of the means and resources at his disposal. It’s also excessive since she confronts her father right away about his attempts to marry her into House Lannister, and when she tells him she doesn’t want to get married, he becomes very upset very quickly.

Ser Criston Cole notices the princess and rushes to follow her as she gallops through the woods after hurriedly mounting a horse out of frustration. They soon come to a stop, and she yells. He makes light of the death of Jason Lannister. She proposes taking a slow stroll through the Kingswood since it eases her strain. He claims that her selection of him into the Kingsguard was the biggest honor his family had ever seen, despite her complaints that he is “toothless.”

King Viserys and many of the menfolk are pursuing a white hart because it is thought to be a good omen for Aegon’s name day while all of this is going on. During one of the feasts, Jason Lannister saunters up to the monarch and says, “Here’s a gigantic poking device I fashioned” to kill the hart before moving on to how he presumes Rhaenyra will no longer be Viserys’ heir since Aegon exists. Viserys orders him to stop talking right now and to make sure that everyone knows that doing the same will be regarded as mutinous.

Otto then approaches his monarch and offers an evil suggestion: marry Rhaenyra to Aegon, her half-brother who is only two years old, and you’ll kill two blonde birds with one incestuous stone! As the evening progresses, Viserys chuckles in his face, dismisses him, and then consumes all the wine in the establishment. Because the princess makes no move to return to the party, Criston has constructed a fire and taken off his armour outside in the woods. They are attacked by a boar that appears out of the surrounding darkness. Criston kills it, but as it persists, Rhaenyra grabs her blade and frantically stabs the pig, sobbing. she also develops a friendship with Criston Cole.

House of the Dragon Episode 3 Recap The Second in His Name"

When Alicent discovers Drunk Viserys at the bonfire after returning to camp, he is sobbing about how Queen Aemma was killed because of his fixation with his dream or prophecy. He is remarkably emotional for a man of his age. When the horn rings, signifying that the hart has been cornered, the drunk monarch stumbles off to slaughter a deer. Alicent tries to console him, but it’s as if she’s not even there. But the white hart that his men have impounded in the woods is not it.

Instead, it’s a big, brown stag. The Lannister Poking Device is used by the king to end the animal’s life, and the animal suffers before it passes away. Viserys glances away from the beast and displays a decided lack of interest as all of his toadies cheer the dull slaughter. The real white stag, then? the person whose appearance is meant to portend glory or something similar? That morning, The princess and Criston Cole were sitting on their horses in the woods when the mystical white stag approached them. The white stag was not allowed to be killed by Criston either; instead, Rhaenyra let it roam freely throughout the kingswood. The deer softly approaching Rhaenyra as she smiled and let it go reinforces the idea that she is Viserys’ legitimate heir to the Iron Throne if the white hart from HOTD episode 3 was actually a sign of the gods’ favor.

Otto visits Alicent after everyone has returned to the Red Keep and bluntly foretells the death of the realm if Rhaenyra succeeds in becoming queen. But if young Aegon were to take the throne… She reminds him that “our house among them” vowed allegiance to the princess. He still urges her to lead Viserys to the same conclusion since he is still beating the gong loudly for the youngster to control the world one day. Alicent (Emily Carey) is preoccupied with her physical discomfort and would do everything to lessen the physical load of her advanced pregnancy. Yes, I’ll support any kind you choose, but for the Seven, could someone kindly dig their elbows into my lower back? She eventually finds the king, who is incredibly hungover and bemoans the fact that Jason Lannister wasn’t a good match for Rhaenyra. In a letter to the king, the Sea Snake’s brother begs for assistance because Daemon and Corlys are losing their conflict. Given that the two men initiated the conflict out of spite, Viserys is hesitant to offer assistance. However, she asks, “Is it better for the realm of the Crab Feeder to thrive? So he dispatches aid.

House of the Dragon Episode 3 Recap

And shortly after that, he clashes with Rhaenyra. She is angry that she is now nothing more than a political pawn who may be married off because her half-brother has rendered her throne ascendancy redundant. I don’t want to take your place, child, the king says. “I want to see you satisfied, even happy.” In order to find someone she will love as much as he loved Queen Aemma, he advises her to forge her own match. He then promises to her that she won’t be replaced in the line of succession shortly before she departs, “on your mother’s memory.”

House of the Dragon Episode 3 Recap Ending

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Let’s check on the Stepstones, where Corlys’ brother is threatening to mutiny and accusing Daemon of being responsible for the Crab Feeder’s almost certain success. Daemon is extremely irate after reading Viserys’s letter promising to help the Stepstones, so he pulls a classic Daemon and does precisely what he wants. He leads the Crabfeeder and his troops into the open by waving a white flag in front of the Triarchy forces and then kneels before them with his swords held open-handed. A man of honor would abide by the laws of war, but you know what they say about what’s fair in battle.

At the last second, Daemon rips a dagger from his hip and starts a bloody sword fight, dodging almost 320 arrows and defeating several would-be prince-killers by himself. Corlys and his forces eventually arrive, raising the question of why the Sea Snake is taking so long. Daemon eventually receives an arrow! Several locations, including the chest. As King Crab’s troops swarm in preparation to kill the Targaryen, Corlys, the rest of their warriors, and the dragon Caraxes, which is being commanded by Corlys’ son Laenor, suddenly appear and launch an assault. Daemon follows the Crab Feeder into his cave as they continue to cut and dice each other in a violent manner. Additionally, he drags the disemboweled warlord’s torso behind him as he leaves. Unfortunately, now that Craghas the Crabfeeder is dead, he can no longer perform any awesome feats.. but it felt like untapped potential. In any case, House Velaryon now owes Daemon a lot.


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