Good Sam Season 1 Episode 13 – The dispute between Sam and Griff changes the hospital’s fate

Good Sam season 1 episode 13 will air on May 4th (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).  The dispute between Sam and Griff changes the family dynamic and the hospital’s fate. It’s Season finale episode.

Things are heating up in the penultimate episode. The board makes numerous decisions, some of which are beneficial and others that are negative. Meanwhile, Griff and Vivian struggle with the consequences of their one-night stand, as Joey investigates who Tim cheated on him. Case: Tanya White enters with shortness of breath and is easily fatigued. She was diagnosed with atrial myxoma. . Also known as the cancerous Loch Ness Monster. The tumor is becoming more difficult to remove. Brian Jenkins, an 11-year-old skateboarder who suffered traumatic chest damage, is brought to ER. Fans, are you excited for the new episode of Good Sam Season 1 Episode 13. To know more about the episode, you can check out its synopsis and promo at

Good Sam Season 1 Episode 13 Spoilers

Do you want to know what’s going on with Good Sam season 1 episode 13? The title is “To Whom It May Concern” which leads us to the season finale episode. In the Season 1 finale, expect another explosive turn in the adversarial relationship between doctors Sam Griffith (Sophia Bush) and her father Griff (Jason Isaacs), as a bombshell surprise alters their family dynamic and maybe the hospital’s future. And it came at a time when Sam was on top of the world after performing a ground-breaking surgical procedure.

Good Sam Season 1 Episode 13 Promo

Good Sam Episode 1.13 Synopsis:  The battle between Sam and Griff takes a shocking turn that will irrevocably change their family dynamic and the future of the hospital.

Where to Watch Good Sam Season 1 Episode 13

Good Sam Episode 3 will release on Wednesday, May 4 at 10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream life and on-demand on Paramount+*. The episodes are also available for viewing on Youtube TV, and Amazon Prime Video. Meanwhile, viewers in Canada may tune in to Global TV to see the show. In addition, the show is broadcast on TVNZ in New Zealand. In India, the show is available on Voot.

Good Sam Season 1 Episode 13 Photos

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Good Sam Episode 4 Episode 13 Cast

REGULAR CAST: Sophia Bush (Dr. Sam Griffith) Jason Isaacs (Dr. Rob “Griff” Griffith) Skye P. Marshall (Dr. Lex Trulie) Michael Stahl-David (Dr. Caleb Tucker) Omar Maskati (Dr. Isan M. Shah) Davi Santos (Dr. Joey Costa) Wendy Crewson (Vivian Katz) Edwin Hodge (Malcolm A. Kingsley)

Good Sam Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Kace is concerned about Tim and Joey’s relationship, and he regrets the time he spent with Tim because he was unaware that they were dating. Joey makes it his quest to find out who Tim cheated with now that he’s in the ER keeping an eye on Lex. Griff is the one that comes down to the ER after a patient requires a CT consult, much to Lex’s chagrin. Griff clears his throat, and Vega stands by the counter, watching everything unfold. He ejects Joey from the ER and informs Griff of the patient’s location. The upcoming schedule is released, and Lex is dissatisfied with it. Vega asks about her preference and tells her that Kace can take nights now that Lex is back on nights.

After a doctor from Harbor Memorial comes out to interview him for the residency program, Caleb finally tells Sam about his application. After performing surgery using the Griffith technique, Sam had a successful day, and Rhonda wants her to give interviews for medical magazines. Rhonda will speak with the board regarding Vivian in exchange. Sam pays a visit to Lex with a bottle of wine to show her that she cares. If it hadn’t been for him, their bond would have never become stronger. They sit and speak, sip wine, and listen to Sam’s interview as if they’ve always been close friends. Tanya White enters with shortness of breath and is easily fatigued. Sam explains that what appears to be dirt could instead be splinter haemorrhages.Usually caused by a mass, debris discharged from inside the heart gathers in the extremities.

Tanya was diagnosed with atrial myxoma after being taken to imaging. Also known as the cancerous Loch Ness Monster. The tumour is becoming more difficult to remove, according to a theory regarding a technique. Liquid nitrogen cryoablation It eliminates the tumor while minimizing the risk of removing too much tissue. Sam informs her father that he is the source of the problem. The department is in shambles. Griff informs Sam that she resigned since he is the superior chief. Tanya’s tumour continues to develop, blocking her tricuspid valve, and it will continue to grow unless it is removed. Sam chooses the Griffith technique over the standard procedure during surgery because she has practised it several times in the SIM lab. And it’s a resounding success. Brian Jenkins, an 11-year-old skateboarder who suffered traumatic chest damage, is brought in. His heart rate is soaring, and whatever caused it wasn’t due to him climbing a fence. Vega has no choice but to take Brian to surgery after the LV fails. The boys were vaping, and Cameron mistook Brian’s allergic reaction for an allergic reaction. He suffers from a hereditary disorder. Vega is doing tests to confirm, but Lex believes it was the cause of their father’s death. Brian is put on a temporary assist until his heart heals.

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