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Ghosts Season 3 Finale: Meet Flower’s Friend Patience

Ghosts S02 E15

In the finale episode of Season 3, Ghosts revealed Flower’s friend, an interesting character who will likely cause trouble in Season 4. Patience is a Puritan ghost who plays a major role in the CBS show “Ghosts.” A ghost named Flower (Sheila Carrasco) lives in Woodstone Manor with her, and they become friends. A puritan ghost who has lived underground by herself since 1895. In Patience’s past, she was stuck in a hole with Isaac, Sasappis, and Thorfinn. Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) accidentally hurt her hand and she lost it. This event, along with her obsession with Isaac, shapes everything she does in the show, leading up to the Season 3 end, where she abducts Isaac.

The people who made Ghosts, Joe Wiseman and Joe Port, talked about Flower’s friend Patience and what she does on the show. They said that Patience was an important figure with an interesting past and strong goals. Wiseman and Port say that Patience is a Puritan woman who is very angry at Isaac, one of the main characters, for leaving her. She wants to get even with Isaac.

Wiseman and Port have given hints that Patience’s story will be a big part of the next season of Ghosts. They also said that Patience’s appearance will have a big effect on the other ghosts as they try to figure out what she wants and how to deal with it. In general, Wiseman and Port have hinted that Patience will be a strong and complicated character whose actions will create a lot of drama and tension in the coming episodes.

While Ghosts fans can’t wait for Season 4, the mystery of Patience looms large, offering an exciting new chapter in the supernatural adventures of the people who live in Woodstone Manor.

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