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Ghosts Season 4 Filming Update: What We Know So Far

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The popular sitcom Ghosts, which airs on CBS, has been generating a lot of buzz because of its original idea and its endearing ensemble. Samantha and Jay are married when they receive a haunted house that only Samantha can see is full of strange ghosts. Ghosts has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to its mix of fun and heart.

These strange figures come to life thanks to the ensemble cast. Utkarsh Ambudkar plays Jay, Devan Chandler Long as Thor, the Viking ghost, Danielle Pinnock as Alberta Haynes, a lounge singer, and Richie Moriarty as Pete Martino, the leader of the ghostly Girl Scout troop.

A while ago, Richie Moriarty, who plays Pete Martino, the ghost Girl Scout troop leader, shared some interesting news about season 4. At an event at the Library of Congress featuring show memorabilia, Moriarty said that shooting for season 4 would likely start around “mid-July-ish” and go on until “roughly early February.”

Based on this update, it looks like Ghosts Season 4 will shoot according to its normal schedule, after a small change for Season 3. The first two seasons came out in the fall, but season 3 didn’t come out until February 2024. It only had 10 episodes because of the strikes in Hollywood in 2023.

In previous seasons, episodes of Ghosts have come out every week, which means that episodes can be released while shooting for later episodes is still going on. If things keep going like this, season 4 could start airing as early as the middle of October 2024.

Fans can be sure that Ghosts will be back with more funny and touching ghostly adventures, even though the exact start date and number of episodes for season 4 are still unknown. Don’t forget to visit tvacute.com for more Ghosts news, previews, and recaps.

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