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[CBS] Ghosts Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Flower Leaving

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Ghosts,” a supernatural comedy on CBS, starts its third season with serious questions about life after death. The show talks about how hard it is to let go, even after being dead for years, and how that affects the people who are left behind.

The episode picks up where Season 2 left off, with Rose McIver’s character, Sam, seeing a beam of light “sucking off” one of the estate’s many strange ghosts. The ghosts are confused because they don’t know who went missing. One of them says it was “just a basement ghost,” which starts a funny and touching conversation about their own lives.

[CBS] Ghosts Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

“Ghosts” Season 3 Episode 1 starts with Sam and Jay running to the Woodstone Estate after seeing the light which means one of the resident ghosts has been “sucked off ” which means they have gone to the afterlife. They try to make a list of the ghosts, but Jay figures out that only Sam can see them.   It turns out that the ghost that died was Flower. The other ghosts are affected by her leaving in different ways. Thor is heartbroken, while others are both happy and envious of her. Even though it’s sad, the ghosts know that ascending is their final goal.

Nigel proposed to Isaac, and their engagement party was cut short by the “suck off.” In her confession, Hetty says that her son killed Alberta. The basement cholera crew, on the other hand, shows their independence by staying upstairs and not paying attention to the other ghosts.

Even though there is a moral crisis, work on turning the barn into a restaurant continues. But having a barn owl live there is a problem. When Jay talks about rebirth, one ghost gets confused and thinks that the dead ghost has come back as an owl. Sam brings the owl inside, but its screeching scares away paid guests, which makes things even worse for the B&B.

 Is Ghost Flower Leaving?

It was clear right away that Flower (Sheila Carrasco), who played the lead role, had found peace and moved on. Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, who run the show, said that Flower’s departure was chosen because her character had grown in season 2, which made her a realistic choice. The other ghosts have a range of responses to her leaving, from Thor (Devan Chandler Long) being heartbroken to others being jealous and happy. Even though they are sad about losing a friend, the ghosts see ascension as the final goal, which makes their feelings more complicated.

Flower is no longer alive, so the other ghosts, like Thor, Sam, Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), and others, have to find their way into the future without her. However, the show says that there will be many more scary things to come. In the second half of the season, viewers will learn more about Hetty’s (Rebecca Wisocky) past and find out about a new ghost power.

The show also talked about where the phrase “sucked off” came from, saying that it came from the original UK series. The people who made the UK show told the CBS team about the phrase and emphasized how funny it was. They also suggested that it be used in the American version.

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