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Ghosts Season 3 Episode 8: How Hetty Died? Explained!

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Ghosts,” a popular CBS comedy, had a new episode that was full of mystery, fun, and more information about Henrietta “Hetty” Woodstone, one of the show’s most mysterious characters.  Hetty has sharp features and reddish hair. Dark teal flouncy skirt over bustle, over skirt drapery, high neck bodice with black embellishments, and no gloves. She still wears her wedding band.

Hetty’s parents ran a factory that hired 7-year-olds and were emotionally neglectful. Hetty married Elias, her second cousin, under a tree on their land on June 3 .She agreed since her father wanted to finish a land purchase despite her detest of him. His affairs may have left Hetty unhappy in their marriage. Their one kid produced Sophia, Sam’s great-aunt, years later.

Ghosts Season 3 Episode 8: How Hetty Died? Explained!

Episode 8 called “Holes are Bad” not only tells the truth about Flower’s disappearance, but it also looks into how Hetty died in 1895. She is the ancestor of Samantha Arondekar (Rose McIver) and the ghost of a high-class robber baroness.

At the beginning of the show, Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) leave for a weekend trip, leaving the ghosts to find their own fun. However, their absence leads to the shocking finding that Flower (Sheila Carrasco) is not in the afterlife as they thought, but rather stuck at the bottom of a well on the property. She tells them that she fell because she was simply following a butterfly.

In a funny turn of events, the ghosts’ attempt to get in touch with Sam and Jay through FaceTime fails, leaving Flower’s fate uncertain. The ghosts are desperate to save Flower, but they face another problem when they learn that a contractor has been hired to fill the well with concrete, which will make it impossible for her to be saved.

Here comes Hetty, played by Rebecca Wisocky, whose character takes center stage as she shows what she’s really like. Even though Hetty has old-fashioned and conservative views, she is an important character in the episode because she shows how complicated and deep she is. As the ghosts try to figure out how to save Flower. That’s when Hetty which no one knew about, saves the day by removing the phone cord that had been around her neck since her death but hidden under her clothes.

Hetty says that she killed herself with the cord after getting in trouble for breaking laws against child labor and having legal problems. She had already lost her husband Elias, who was found stuck in a vault that ghosts can’t get into. It was already known that Hetty’s unhappy son killed Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), and now we know that the way his mother died also had an effect on him.

We also learn that the other ghosts in the house—Thorfinn (Devan Chandler Long), Sasappis (Román Zaragoza), and Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones)—were stuck in a hole until 1895 and didn’t see Hetty die, which is why they didn’t know the details until now. The show finished with a card with a public service announcement for the suicide hotline (988).

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