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Ghosts Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: The Polterguest


Ghosts Season 3 Episode 7 is called “The Polterguest,” and it gives fans another lovely look into the lives of the dearly departed. Lamorne Morris who plays the poltergeist, is dressed in a Negro Leagues baseball outfit and is connected to a guest at Woodstone Manor. The plot twist is that Alberta,(Danielle Pinnock) has to convince him to connect to a new “living” person. she wants the poltergeist to stay at Woodstone because she cares about him. At the same time, Nigel (John Hartman) and Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), each have their own bachelor parties, which makes for some fun and shocks. It’s a surprise for Isaac when the entertainment for his party shows up.

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Ghosts Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: The Polterguest

At the beginning of the show, a doctor from Philadelphia checks into Woodstone Mansion, a poltergeist shows up and does some strange things. He brings along Saul, played by Lamorne Morris, without telling him. Saul was a baseball player in the Negro League who tragically died after being hit by a baseball during a game.

When Saul shows up in his baseball outfit, Alberta is confused at first because Saul was a famous baseball player in Alberta’s time. Alberta and Saul start to flirt with each other when they recognize him, which makes another ghost in the house, Pete, very angry.

Alberta and Saul have a beautiful night together, but things go wrong when Saul tells Alberta that he can tether himself to someone else. He chooses to attach himself to Jay, which makes Jay (Utkarsh Ambudka) and Sam (Rose McIver) angry. Sam tries to meet Saul’s request because he feels bad for Alberta’s loneliness, but Jay doesn’t like the situation.

Isaac and Nigel are getting ready for their bachelor parties at the same time. Trevor brings up the idea of having strippers, and at Nigel’s party, Jenkins, his ex-girlfriend, does a lap dance for him, which makes things funny. The next day, Pete, Trevor, Thor, Hetty, and Isaac are all debating whether to tell Isaac about Nigel’s lap dance, but Pete tells Isaac by mistake.

Someone dances to 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” at Isaac’s party, and everyone is amazed by her moves. The stripper sees Isaac’s toy dinosaur and starts to move like one, which makes Isaac laugh. Isaac becomes so interested in dinosaurs that he wants his wedding to have a Jurassic Park theme.

Back at the house, Alberta breaks up with Saul because he is too needy. They decide to send Saul back to Philadelphia with the dentist, who Saul says has a more interesting life than the people who live in Woodstone. The episode ends on a happy note, with Sam and Jay being happy together despite the problems they are having.

Lamorne Morris talks to Deadline about how he got the part on the show and what it was like to work with Utkarsh Ambudkar in an interview. Morris says that he learned about old Negro League baseball players to get ready for his part as Saul, a plumber who was also good at baseball. He says that Ambudkar is a talented and natural actress, which makes their relationship on set fun and reminds him of when they worked together on “Barbershop.”

Morris says that his time on “Ghosts” was like a holiday because he wasn’t expected to carry the show, just add something annoying before he left. He also says nice things about Trent O’Donnell, the show’s director, for being a positive and fun personality on set.

Morris had most of his scenes with Danielle. He loves her ability, looks, and sense of humor. He says that many of their actions and interactions were made up on the spot because they changed how they played the parts based on how each other reacted while they were shooting. Looking ahead, Morris says he’d like to be a guest star on the English show “The Gentleman,” where he could play an American working in a family business. This idea came from watching the movie.

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