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“Isaac’s Wedding,” the finale episode of “Ghosts‘” third season, is one of the funniest and most shocking ones so far. There is a unique twist in this episode that only “Ghosts” could give: Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) is getting ready to marry Nigel (John Hartman), a redcoat, in a traditional wedding service.

At the beginning of the show, Isaac is excitedly getting ready for his big day. However, as is usual for events at Button House, things quickly go in a different direction. There are many problems and distractions, which means the wedding day is full of chaos and fun.

Pete (Richie Moriarty), who has left Woodstone and is now in a new place, is enjoying the freedoms that come with it. He quickly learns, though, that his greater freedom comes with a price, which sets up an interesting plot for the next season.


The episode began with Pete’s love adventure with Donna (Allegra Edwards), a ghost from the 1980s. The adventure was cut short when Pete started to fade away. It became a race against time to get him back to Woodstone before he was gone for good.

At the same time, Isaac had a sad realization about his relationship with Nigel (John Hartman), which caused him to cancel their wedding at the last minute. But Isaac decides not to get married, which makes everyone around him very sad and surprised. His change of heart starts a chain of events that ends with him meeting Patience the Puritan ghost.

At the very end of the show, Isaac finds himself in the basement with the cholera ghosts. His quiet moment is cut short, though, when Patience, a wild and angry Puritan ghost who has been living underground by herself since 1895, pulls him into the darkness. What happened next was a surprise, and it makes me wonder why Patience took Isaac. What does this mean for Season 4? Who is she?

To understand what Patience did, we need to remember an important part of the season one episode “Holes Are Bad.” They, along with Thorfinn and Patience, were once stuck in a hole and had to walk through the dirt to get out. Isaac and Sasappis tell the other ghosts this. During this terrible time, Isaac lost Patience’s hand by chance, and no one knows what happened to her.

In “Isaac’s Wedding,” Flower says that she made a friend named Patience while she was stuck in the well. Patience is crazy about Isaac and only talks about him, but she starts to feel drawn to Flower’s cries for help. This new information sets the stage for what Patience does in the end.

In the last few scenes of the show, Isaac and Nigel’s wedding goes horribly wrong, and Patience ends up taking Isaac away. A little girl’s voice says, “God bless you!” as Isaac is pulled into the shadows of the basement wall. Earlier in the show, Alberta hints that Isaac is in for a surprise, which makes it seem like death still has plans for him.

With Patience’s appearance and Isaac’s kidnapping, Season 4 of “Ghosts” could lean toward the scary. The show has always had a mix of funny and scary parts, but with Patience and more information about Woodstone, there are now more ways to keep viewers guessing and shocking them.

Thor and Flower took a big step forward in their relationship when they told each other they loved each other. At the same time, Carol and Baxter said they were going to get married, which added a romantic touch to the exciting ending.

Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, who run the show, talked about the choice to bring back Patience. They said that the writers liked her a lot and that her character was mysterious. They give hints about the problems Isaac will face in the next season, teasing a complicated plot that will test Isaac’s strength and the relationships in Woodstone Mansion.

At the end of the show, the basement ghosts, who got caught up in Isaac’s situation by accident, have to face their own consequences. Port and Wiseman explain what they did by saying that the upstairs ghosts were mistreated, but they also admit that they need to take responsibility and hint at a possible fight in Season 4.

Brandon Scott Jones was glad to hear that Isaac would be back in Season 4 and was excited about how the story was developing. He’s excited to explore the bigger world of Woodstone Mansion, which makes it sound like he might meet more ghosts that haven’t been found yet.

The end of Season 3 sets the stage for an exciting Season 4, which will bring new challenges, secrets, and character growth. People watching “Ghosts” can expect the unexpected as the secrets of Woodstone Mansion are solved.

A few weeks ago, Brandon Scott Jones, who plays Isaac on CBS’s “Ghosts,” talked to Deadline about his character’s journey, especially in light of the cliffhanger in Season 3.

Jones said he found out near the end of the season that Isaac and Nigel’s wedding had been called off. During filming, the result was unclear, but Jones agreed that the breakup was probably for the best because Isaac got engaged quickly and Jones needed to learn more about himself.

The actor thought about Isaac’s growth and said that his meeting with a stripper-turned-DJ made him realize what he wanted and how traditional rules limited him. Jones liked how the show showed the future by showing how the ghosts all wanted to move on and how people try to find meaning and growth even after they die.

Jones made guesses about Isaac and Nigel’s future. He thought that their relationship might not be over, but that getting back together would probably be hard. He was excited about Isaac’s cliffhanger ending because he saw it as a chance for the character to think about what he did in the past and maybe make some big changes.

Jones said he was sure that the show’s writers would be able to handle the complicated afterlife. He also said that Isaac’s departure is part of a larger storyline in Season 3. He stressed how funny Isaac’s journey to forgiveness could be by focusing on the character’s past mistakes and how funny it would be for him to try to change.

Jones said he wanted Isaac to go through a lot of personal growth in Season 4, even though he knew it would be hard to change ones ways in the dead. He was excited about what could happen with his character and how the show could keep surprising and entertaining people. While we wait for Season 4, fans can look forward to seeing how Isaac’s story develops and the problems he faces as he attempts to make sense of the world.

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