Everything you need to know about High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

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On  Friday, November 8 we will watch a teen web series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The first season will consist of 10 episodes. Here’s everything you need to know about what web series cast, photos, story, trailers and release date.


“High School Musical,” three television networks – ABC, Disney Channel and Freeform – will present the first episode of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” for one night only, FRIDAY, NOV. 8 (8:00 p.m. EST), in advance of the series’ bow on the highly anticipated streaming service, Disney+ and launching Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Created and executive produced by Tim Federle, wrote the first episode. The first episode was directed by Tamra Davis.


Starring an exciting, multitalented cast, the scripted Disney+ series introduces 10 main characters: Olivia Rodrigo as Nini, Joshua Bassett as Ricky ,Sofia Wylie as Gina,Matt Cornett  as E.J., Julia Lester as Ashlyn, Dara Renee as Kourtney, Frankie Rodriguez as Carlos, Larry Saperstein as Big Red, Kate Reinders as Miss Jenn and Mark St. Cyr as Mr. Mazzara .


A group of drama students and faculty members at East High, the Utah high school where the original “High School Musical” movie was filmed.

Through the course of 10 installment, these characters count down from auditions to the opening night of their school’s first-ever production of “High School Musical: The Musical.” They have budding romances, faltering friendships, and harsh rivalries as they experience the transformative power that only high school theater can provide.

Ricky (Joshua Bassett) is a charismatic teen auditioning for the musical so he can win back the heart of ex-girlfriend Nini (Olivia Rodrigo), who has just returned from summer theater camp with a new boyfriend – and the same insecurities that keep her from owning the spotlight. Miss Jenn (Kate Reinders) is East High’s supremely spirited drama teacher, who’s convinced that musicals can be lifesavers; Gina (Sofia Wylie) is a transfer student and diehard theater kid with plenty of secrets; E.J. (Matt Cornett) is Nini’s new beau from camp, who sees life as a competition and Ricky as his No. 1 foe. Kourtney (Dara Reneé) is Nini’s best friend and a fashionista equally obsessed with makeup tutorials and feminism. Ashlyn (Julia Lester) is E.J.’s cousin and an aspiring songwriter; Carlos (Frankie A. Rodriguez) is the student choreographer who has already memorized his Tony Award® speech; and Big Red (Larry Saperstein) is Ricky’s best friend, a dude who can best be described as a spiritual descendant of Bill and Ted. Mr. Mazzara (Mark St. Cyr) is East High’s by-the-book S.T.E.M. teacher.



The official trailer has been released on August 23 by Disney.


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