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Bull Season 6 Episode 16- Jason's ex-girlfriend Diana Lindsay is back

The hit legal procedural Bull Season 6 Episode 16 will release on April 7th, 2022. Bull’s ex-girlfriend Diana Lindsay is back. Jill Flint’s reappearance occurs as Bull’s time is running out.

In the previous episode of Bull Season 6,  A late patient’s daughter sued a successful surgeon. Dr. Adrienne knows she tried her best to save her patient. Bull was hired as a consultant by all the leading hospitals.  To understand more about episode 15, keep reading the recap section.  Now fans are excited to see the new season. So, here’s what’s in store for season 6 episode 16 of ‘Bull’! www.tvacute.com’s everything we know so far about the new episode, including the premiere date, guest cast, and plot.

Bull Season 6 Episode 17 Release Date

Bull Season 6 Episode 16 Recap

Bull Season 6 Episode 16 Spoilers

First and foremost, The new episode of Bull’s final season 6 is officially titled “The Diana Affair.”  As Bull draws to a close, Jason (Michael Weatherly) will confront with a flashback from his past, and it’s not one that will please his wife, Izzy (Yara Martinez).  It will be one of the special episodes. Jill Flint will reprise her role as Diana Lindsay, Bull’s ex-girlfriend, in tonight’s episode. They’ll be collaborating again, but this time in a totally different manner. TAC’s assistance is required this time for her defense. Diana is accused of murdering her lover’s wife in this episode. Bull and Izzy “have marital conflict” as TAC leads her defense. Chunk Palmer (Christopher Jackson) defends Diana and is once again pitted against prosecutor Robert (Erich Bergen) in court. However, they weren’t together the previous time this happened. So, how does this affect their relationship?

Bull Season 6 Episode 16 Synopsis:  Bull and Izzy experience marital discord when Bull has the team lead the defense for his ex-girlfriend; personal conflicts abound for the TAC team when Chunk finds himself defending Diana in court against his boyfriend and prosecutor, Robert.

Who is Play Diana Lindsay?

Diana Lindsay was Bull’s ex-girlfriend. She has featured in a total of six episodes. in three episodes from Bull Season 1 and three episodes in season 3. Diana Lindsay is played by Jill Flint She is born November 25, 1977, and is an American actress who is best known for her roles as Jill Casey in the USA Network television series Royal Pains and Lana Delaney in CBS’ award-winning series The Good Wife. She also has a recurring role as Diana Lindsay on Bull and one of the primary characters, Dr. Jordan Alexander, in the NBC medical drama The Night Shift.

Bull Season 6 Episode 16 Cast

REGULAR CAST: Michael Weatherly (Dr. Jason Bull) Yara Martinez (Isabella “Izzy” Colón) Geneva Carr (Marissa Morgan) Jamie Lee Kirchner (Danny James) Christopher Jackson (Chunk Palmer) MacKenzie Meehan (Taylor Rentzel)

RECURRING CAST: Jill Flint (Diana Lindsay) Erich Bergen (ADA Robert Jones) GUEST CAST: Dominic Fumusa (Frederick Page) Gayle Samuels (Judge Leavy) Kalina Venugopal (Jury Foreperson) Negin Farsad (Dr. Birdge) Margot White (Greta Page) Ryan Vincent Anderson (Detective Fletcher) Ava Ticotin (Veronica Davis) Rocky Perez (Uniformed Cop) Kimberly Stern (Susan) Jennifer Flanagan (Guard) Kent Shocknek (Reporter #1) Chanel Carroll (Reporter #2) Lina Sarrello (Reporter #3) WRITTEN BY: Kathryn Price & Nichole Millard DIRECTED BY: Carl Seaton

Bull Season 6 Episode 15 Recap

A successful surgeon is being sued. Her late patient’s daughter is suing her. Dr. Adrienne is being sued for negligence by the daughter, who blames her mother for her death. Adrienne is confident that she did everything she could to save her patient’s life. Adrienne’s hospital covered the cost, and they hired a lawyer to represent her. Bryan Vincent is his name. In the sphere of medical malpractice, he was a significant deal. Bull was on the case as a consultant. Adrienne brought him in to assist her with the case. But the lawyer sucked at trial prep. Bull tried to dissuade him from attacking the daughter’s character. Adrienne couldn’t be seen victimizing her daughter. After all, Vincent didn’t require Bull’s assistance. In court, he was actually quite competent. Vincent was able to gain the jury’s trust in a matter of seconds, and he hand-picked a jury that was ideal for their mission. The opposite side even brought in a nurse who testified Adrienne’s hand trembled while she was in the OR that day. That was a serious charge. Adrienne couldn’t operate with a shaky hand, so she refuted the claims.

After that allegation, Vincent didn’t think they’d be able to persuade the judge to change his mind. Bull, on the other hand, did not agree with him. Vincent was dismissed. Adrienne’s lawyer is Chunk. Bull was astonished to see Adrienne’s hands shaking when he walked in. so he asked her whether she had done surgery with it. She flatly rejected it. Her tremors started recently due to stress and the epidemic. Adrienne was rated; A doctor examined her and found nothing wrong with her. The nurse was a disaster. Adrienne yelled at her recently. The team investigated her and discovered that she had been relocated three times in a short time due to her repeated errors. The majority of her errors occurred after someone died in her care. The nurse murdered sick people she believed were in pain, but she was actually a serial killer. It was tough to persuade her to admit it on the stand. Bull and Chunk reworked their case with Vincent’s help.

Soon they faced the deadly nurse. They made her admit to killing people. She was acting in this manner since her victims had been abandoned at the hospital with no one to look after them. When faced with the evidence acquired by Bull’s team, the nurse admitted all. The malpractice action was later dropped by the victim’s daughter. She now believes Adrienne did not murder her mother, so she enlisted Adrienne’s help in constructing a case for the NYPD. And Taylor completed a background check on Marissa’s new boyfriend, but when she told Marissa that Henri was married, things didn’t go well.

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