Bull Season 6 Episode 16 Recap “The Diana Affair”

Bull Season 6 Episode 16 Recap p

In tonight’s episode, Bull’s ex-girlfriend Diana Lindsay (Jill Flint) is back. Personal conflicts abound for the TAC team when Chunk finds himself defending Diana in court against his boyfriend and prosecutor, Robert; Bull and Izzy experience marital discord. Here’s a full recap of Bull Season 6 Episode 16, Let’s start it.

Greta Page was assassinated. Her husband’s mistress was the main suspect. Greta had apparently faced the mistress the day before she died, and she died not long after. When her husband arrived at the summer house to meet with his mistress, he discovered his wife’s body. The mistress, on the other hand, wasn’t just any woman. Diana Lindsey was the one. As in Diana by Bull. When Bull slept with his ex-wife at a funeral and they became pregnant, they were emotionally attached. Bull abandoned Diana in order to be with Izzy. He married Izzy and they started a family. He hasn’t spoken to Diana since breaking her heart, so he felt forced to assist her now that she is facing legal issues.

Diana has been charged with murder. Everyone believes she murdered Greta in order to obtain the man. Diana needed as much help as she could get because even her married lover assumed she did it. She made contact with Bull. He dropped everything to see her after she informed him of the issue. He even canceled a scheduled vacation with his family to show his support for his ex. Izzy wasn’t pleased with him about it. Bull’s collaboration with Diana made her feel uneasy. She later inquired of Marissa about Bull’s feelings for Diana. Marissa supplied a non-answer, claiming that she wasn’t sure if he had. That was a question that only Bull could answer. Izzy had to simmer a little after Marissa said it to her. She was doing this while the rest of the team assisted Diana in developing a case. All of the evidence points to her as the perpetrator. Diana’s jacket was even stained with blood from the victim.

Bull- Season 6 Episode 16-

Greta allegedly grabbed Diana’s arm, according to Diana. Greta’s DNA will also be present on the jacket. The TAC team also looked at everyone who had access to the house, but only Greta and two other people did. One of them was Diana. The other was Frederick Page. The crew began to speculate that Greta was murdered by her spouse. They searched for proof of this. They were unable to locate it. Frederick was a left-handed individual. Because the stabbing was so frantic, it was unclear which hand the killer used. The ADA (also known as Chunk’s lover Robert) had enlisted the help of a specialist. This expert demonstrated that there was no way Frederick could have killed her from the time he arrived at the residence until the paramedics arrived. He couldn’t since he didn’t have the time. Diana was the only other person who could have been involved. It doesn’t help matters that the media portrays her as a woman-hater who enjoys sleeping with married guys. They even accused her of continuing to have affairs with Bull.

Bull Season 6 Episode 16- Recap

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