Black-ish Season 8 Episode 11 Release Date and Preview of “The (Almost) Last Dance”

On a dark-brown background, Dre discusses the discrimination that Black people have had in America and the problems that they continue to face in public education in Black-ish Season 8 Episode 10. That’s why Dre and Bow have always enrolled their children at Valley Glen Prep, a predominantly white, high-performing private school. Read the recap below. So, What store of ABC’s groundbreaking sitcom Black-ish Season 8 Episode 11? An episode titled “The (Almost) Last Dance” will air tonight.  To know more about promo, and synopsis of a new episode. check it below.

Black-ish Season 8 Episode 11 Synopsis–  Pops and Ruby announce they are moving out of the house to travel the United States in their RV; Bow realizes she is beginning perimenopause, leading Dre to enlist her mother’s help.

Black-ish Season 8 Episode 12 Release Date

Black-ish Season 8 Episode 11 Recap

Black-ish Season 8 Episode 11 Preview

Black-ish Season 8 Episode 11 Release Date

Black-ish Episode 8.11 will air on TUESDAY, April 5 from 9:30-10:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

What Are the Best Places to Watch Black-ish?

During the airing of ‘Black-ish’ season 8, tune in to ABC to catch the latest episodes as they air. The episodes are also available to view on ABC’s official website and on the ABC app. All you’ll need is a username and password for your cable provider. The show is available for live streaming on YouTube TV, Hulu+Live TV, Xfinity, Sling, DirecTV, and Fubo TV.

Shortly after they air on television, the most recent episodes are added to Hulu’s archive. As a result, you may watch the series on the streamer right now. You may watch previous episodes on Spectrum, Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Store, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play if you want to catch up.

Black-ish Season 8 Episode 10 Recap

Rainbow and Dre have had to fight for each of their children at school for various reasons over the years. Because of microaggressions and preconceptions, they’ve been on their guard the majority of the time, so when Devante receives a letter from the school concerned about his progress, they’re both furious. Ruby and Pops arrive in the kitchen at 2 p.m. for a tropical happy hour. Bow is heated up and ready to battle at Valley Glen Prep’s parent-teacher conference, and Dre is too, until he sees some of Devante’s art on the wall. Devante writes his D’s backwards, and his work isn’t as well-organized as the other kids’. Dre notices that his wife is ready to s**t on their children’s white teacher, possibly for no reason, so he fakes a heart attack.

After seeing Devante’s work, Bow backs Dre’s choice to fake a heart attack at home. Rainbow notices what Dre has done at the open house and explains that if they keep to their story, no one will be able to show Devante did not create the painting, despite the fact that it was plainly done by an adult. Rainbow swears Dre she won’t snitch when Principal Biggs asks to meet with her, and she maintains her word while being interrogated. Meanwhile, Dre snaps and screams at Principal Biggs, stating that he had no choice but to sketch it or risk having his family judged. Dre informs Principal Biggs that all of their children will be leaving Valley Glen Prep. Meanwhile, when Junior hasn’t healed from his separation with Olivia, Jack and Diane enlist the help of Charlie.

Charlie tries to persuade Junior to speak critically about Olivia after shaving his face, but Junior refuses. Next, Charlie, Jack, and Diane try to persuade Junior to manifest a new girlfriend, but he’s adamant about just thinking about the one he’s already had. Diane finally opens up and attempts to make her brother feel better after weeks of seeing him lay on the couch in a bathrobe and play the blues on harmonica. Junior is a wonderful person with a good career, she says, and he’s gorgeous even when he’s not smiling. Diane believes that if Charlie can find love, there’s certain to be someone out there for Junior. Dre talks to Bow about moving his children to a different school after losing his cool with Principal Biggs. During their conversation, they realise that the children’s school isn’t the only area where they’ve had to be cautious. When they spent time with Michelle Obama, they didn’t feel like they were the only Black family on the block. Devante, Jack, and Diane can continue at Valley Glen Prep for the time being, but Dre wants to wait until the next day to tell Principal Biggs because he made such a big fuss about storming out. Ruby and Pops warn Devante that his real education will come from the streets that night at home. Pops pulls out the dice and begins explaining how to use them, as Ruby prepares drinks for all three of them.

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