The Thing About Pam Episode 5 (2022) Release Date | Spoilers | Penultimate Episode

The Thing About Pam Episode 5 (2022) Release Date | Spoilers | Penultimate Episode

If you’ve been following The Thing About Pam, you’ve undoubtedly been sitting there slack-jawed, convinced that this narrative couldn’t possibly be true, yet as Pam Hupp proves, real life is stranger than fiction.  Russ Faria (Glenn Fleshler) was cleared of Betsy’s murder in last week’s episode. Pam is now being shunned by an increasing number of people. Shirley, Pam’s mother, dies after falling from a balcony at her assisted living facility. We’re left to speculate if she was pushed or if she fell. has a promo, and full details for The Thing About Pam Episode 5 (2022) below.

The Thing About Pam Episode 5 Spoilers

Pam obtains recognition when Dateline airs a program about the case this week’s title of The Thing About Pam, “She’s Not Who You Think She Is.” Pam quickly finds that infamy isn’t nearly as much fun as being the prosecution’s star witness in the original trial. Public opinion swings against her when she fights Betsy’s daughters in a legal battle for the insurance money. Mike Wood (Dane Davenport) runs for District Attorney against Leah Askey (Judy Greer), whose campaign revolves around Pam’s link to Betsy’s death.

Betsy Faria has murdered five years ago today (Kathy Mixon). Betsy’s daughters have yet to see any of the money from their mother’s insurance policy, despite Russ Faria’s exoneration. Pam Hupp was the lone beneficiary of an insurance Betsy named less than a week before her death. Hupp asserted that she would provide Betsy’s daughters with the same policy that Betsy had requested.

The Thing About Pam Episode 5 Synopsis: Pam gains notoriety once the “Dateline” episode airs. As she squares off against Betsy’s daughters in a civil suit for the insurance money, public opinion turns against her. Leah Askey finds her seat as District Attorney challenged by Mike Wood, whose campaign centers around Pam’s connection to Betsy’s murder.

The Thing About Pam Episode 5 Release Date

The Thing About Pam Episode 5 will run on the NBC channel on April 5, 2022. Every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET,   It will also be available on the NBC network’s official streaming service.

How many episodes are in The Thing About Pam Season 1?

The show is described by NBC as a limited series with only six episodes, with fresh episodes running every Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST. The second episode, “She’s a Helper,” will premiere on March 15, followed by the conclusion on April 12.

Episode 1: “She’s a Good Friend” – March 8
Episode 2: “She’s a Helper” – March 15
Episode 3: “She’s a Star Witness” – March 22
Episode 4: “She’s a Loving Daughter” – March 29
Episode 5: “She’s Not Who You Think She Is” – April 5
Episode 6: “She’s a Killer” – April 12

If you haven’t seen it yet, now is the time to do so. season 1 is available now on Peacock and Hulu, as well as for free on

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