American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 9: Promo & Release Date of “Blue Moon” (Penultimate Episode )

AHS DF: Part 2 Episode 8 felt more like an American Crime Story, with two presidents plotting to carry out one of history’s most horrific assassinations. Dwight (Neal McDonough) learned that JFK (Mike Vogel) was intending to reveal a secret human-alien deal formed several years ago in the black-and-white. Maria revealed that her race needed to integrate to life on Earth in order to survive, as we learned during a flashback. Ike was hesitant to shake anyone’s hand over the deal just yet. the aliens took control of Mamie (Sarah Paulson) and threatened to blow off her skull unless he agreed to their terms. The episode moves ahead, to the present day, where we left, The ultrasounds confirmed each and every one of their anxieties, as well as the possibility of twins. A couple of suits waltzed into the clinic, shot the doctor dead, and kidnapped the four. when they awoke in a blindingly bright facility, where they instantly encountered Leslie Grossman’s character, Dr. Calico. It was terrifying; what would happen next. It was entertaining to watch. The seven episodes that have shown thus far have been fantastic, although this season does seem to be a change from the nine that came before it. With, you can get a promo at AHS DF: Season 10 Show 9 release date, and summary, which will help you better comprehend the episode. Check out the AHS: Death Valley episode 8 recap below.

American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 10 Release Date

In the AHS Series, why have aliens come to Earth?

American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 9 Spoilers

Are you excited to see what’s in store for episode 9 of American Horror Story: Double Feature? It’s hard to believe, but this is the season’s penultimate episode! The title of the upcoming new episode is “Blue Moon,” that it is simply a reference to the song about a blue moon. A new American Horror Story promo has been released. Unexpected visitors arrive at the White House. The aliens sought to utilize humanity to mix their population, according to tonight’s episode. They would have a considerably higher chance of surviving if they did so. We don’t know what will happen to Ike and the aliens in the future, but he’ll return in AHS Season 10’s final two episodes.

AHS Double Feature Eps 9 Synopsis: – An unexpected visitor arrives at the White House and reveals the details of the horrific plan. Written by Kristen Reidel & Manny Coto & Reilly Smith; directed by Laura Belsey and John J. Gray.

AHS S10 “Death Valley” (Part 2) Cast

Sarah Paulson will play Mamie Eisenhower in the season, alongside Neal McDonough, who plays Dwight D. Eisenhower.  “Death Valley,” will also feature Rebecca Dayan and Rachel Hilson, who will be appearing in the horror anthology series for the first time. Kaia  Kaia Gerber, Leslie Grossman, Cody Fern, Angelica Ross, and Lily Rabe will also return for “Part 2.,”  though details about Cody Fern’s latest role are not yet known. other names are Isaac Cole Powell and Nico Greetham.

What time does the 9th episode of AHS Double Feature air?

AHS Double Feature; Part 2 Episode 9 titled Blue Moon,” premieres on FX on Wednesday, October 13 at 10 p.m. ET.  The following day, Thursday, October 14th, the episode will be accessible on FX on Hulu. At 5 a.m. EDT, the streaming platform updates the collection with new episodes. As a result, AHS S10 E8 should be available around that time on the platform.

AHS: Double Feature Part 2 Available on Streaming Service

AHS new episode 9 of Double Feature Part 2 can also be viewed with your active cable subscription data on FX’s official website or FX Now. Live TV streaming services such as Fubo TV, Philo TV, Sling TV, YouTubeTV, DirecTV, and Hulu + Live TV are available to those without a cable subscription. A day after the episode airs on television, it will be available on Hulu. The seven-episode season of the all-new American Horror Stories anthology program is also available exclusively on Hulu.

American Horror Story: Double Feature on Netflix

Every season of American Horror Story is still available on Hulu, but it’s also available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. While Season 10 isn’t available yet, you can watch Seasons 1 through 9 on Netflix, Prime Video right now.

How many episodes are Left in AHS Death Valley?

From the first half of AHS Season, 10 episodes were unique to the “Red Tide” stories, the remaining four episodes of the season will be devoted to “Death Valley.”After episode 9, only one episode is left in AHS DF Part 2 so far. The timetable of broadcast and finale date has already been determined, which you can take a look at below.

Season 10, Episode 7, “Take Me To Your Leader,” available September 29
Season 10, Episode 8, “Inside,” on October 6
The release date for “Blue Moon,” the ninth episode of AHS S10: October 13
“The Future Perfect,” the tenth episode of Season 10, will air on the 20th of October.

American Horror Story Season 10 Episode 8 Recap

JFK was intending to reveal a secret human-alien treaty signed several years before, Ike and Dick Nixon learned. Ike agreed to let the aliens abduct 5,000 people per year as test subjects in exchange for access to their space technology. Ike and Dick convince JFK that it takes a tiny group to protect 190 million Americans and rule the world. After some political pillow chat with Marilyn Monroe, who tells him about her own tragic experience with aliens as a child, JFK has a crisis of conscience. She says she’s never been terrified in her life. Marylin tells him to tell the truth to the American people, who have come to expect it from him. Ike receives a call from Dick informing him of JFK’s plot. He tells him to think of himself in terms of his legacy, and they plot to assassinate him.
JFK, however, would never have the opportunity to speak out. Ike’s deal paid off when Mamie used their new microwave oven to cook a Salisbury steak that looked “melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious.” They obtained this technology from aliens. She claims that the bargain was worthwhile. The news announces JFK’s death while I’m eating. Ike wants Mamie to phone Jackie and convey her sympathies, but she refuses since she is still engaged with the White House. “Maria,” says in a flashback from 9 years ago that her world is dying and that her people must adapt to life on Earth in order to survive. She’ll have to make something that’s “half-human, part… them.” Maria’s mind exploded when she learned that their test subject had failed and that she needed more. Ike discloses that Amelia Earhart’s baby was the test subject and that it murdered everyone in the delivery room, including its mother. Ike then opened fire on Amelia’s bloodthirsty devil offspring with a hail of bullets. Ike is hesitant to shake anyone’s hand over this bargain, but he has the little option when the aliens take control of Mamie and threaten to blow off her brain if he doesn’t agree to their terms. The four young individuals run to the gynecologist in the present day, eager for answers about their fast-expanding alien pregnancy. A series of ultrasounds verified this, with the potential of twins thrown in for good measure.
Men in suits stormed into the clinic, shot her dead, and seized the four expectant companions before the astonished doctor could consult her boss for a second view. They awaken to find themselves in a white institution, suspended and clad in white. Kendall is in a state of terror. Kendall is told to be calm for the sake of her baby, which represents hope for the future and a chance to save the entire planet, by a white woman with her head covered. The facility is packed with expectant fathers and mothers. Calico, an annual abductee who was having a cordial talk with Steve Jobs, is befriended by the four gang members. Calico believes the administration is working hand in hand with the kidnappers. She goes on to say that she hasn’t aged a day since she arrived. When Troy learns that they won’t be able to leave the institution, he freaks out. Tasers in black suits arrive to apprehend him. Troy’s delivery will be aided by the white figure woman from earlier, who turns out to be a human-alien hybrid. Troy begins to bleed from his mouth and wonders if he will live. She tells him to concentrate on the future rather than the agony. When Troy sees her face, he yells in terror.

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