After the season 4 finale, will [Marcus Alvarez] Emilio Rivera leave Mayans MC?

mayans mc finale Emilio Rivera

Following the events of the Season 4 finale, is Emilio Rivera quitting Mayans MC? Is this anything for which we should be concerned? Considering that  Alvarez has spent more time in the greater Sons of Anarchy universe than almost anybody else, his departure would be devastating.

In the season 4 finale, bring the past into the present by setting up a meeting between Tig and Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) to discuss club business. At the start of the season, Alvarez took over the reins from his cousin Bishop (Michael Irby), but he’s still in the dark about many things, including Montez’s (Jacob Vargas) death, which ignited the SAMDINO retribution against the Mayans.  Mayans MC Tig and Alvarez talk about how they’ve changed since they last fought together, as well as previous mistakes. The death of Alvarez’s son Esai (played by Kevin Alejandro in Sons) is at the top of that list, as is his desire to avenge his death. Lowman (David Labrava) stabbed Esai in the head, the same killer who murdered EZ’s (JD Pardo) mother Marisol under Dita Galindo’s orders (Ada Maris). The was wonderful and sad to see.

At the very least, we can declare that he is no longer a member of the Mayans. Santo Padre Mayans want vengeance, but Alvarez wants peace and declares a ceasefire with the Sons of Anarchy. EZ replaces Alvarez as president and makes Bishop vice president, going to cite his experience and leadership.

EZ catches Alvarez off guard with the club’s old bylaws’ kill switch clause, which allows a president to be deposed if he is voted out unanimously. EZ informs his brothers that they may either keep Alvarez and bow to the Sons of Anarchy or fight for their charter’s future. The guys vote one by one, and they all vote for war; Alvarez…. out!

After a vote, EZ and the other club members stripped him of his title, with the majority rule being that he was too mild on his ceasefire with the Sons of Anarchy. Because he has a lengthy history with them, it was only natural that he would try to do so.

It’d be easy to think that now that Alvarez is no longer at the club, he’ll be gone from the show forever; but, keep in mind that he hasn’t been with the Mayans for the entire show. If EZ’s war plan goes too far, we could see him return as the voice of reason. Emilio Rivera is an educated and engaging character, and we believe he is one of the franchise’s icons. We refuse to tolerate not having him on the show until Rivera or the producers insist. Aside from speculating about Alvarez’s future, we’ll all be hoping for a fifth season of this programme in general; why didn’t FX renew it in advance?

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