A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode Guide – Release Date – Cast – Everything We Know So Far

a.p. bio season 4

Mike O’Brien’s sitcom ‘A.P. Bio’ depicts Jack Griffin, a former Harvard philosophy professor who is compelled to return to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, to teach advanced placement biology. In the third season, we see Jack becoming more accepting of the eccentric characters around him as well as his hometown’s overzealous spirit.  Many fans were left wondering what would happen to Jack and his budding romance with fellow teacher Lynette after the third season. Scheduling issues, according to Howerton, may be responsible for their deteriorating relationship. Peacock’s new season is full of the unique style of comedy that fans have come to expect from the show.  Continue reading to get all the information you’ll need to watch the new season as soon as it’s released and understand what to expect! https://www.tvacute.com has comprehensive everything there is to know about Season 4 of A.P. Bio (2021), Who will be in the cast for A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode Guide? How many episodes of A.P. Bio will be there, and at what time will it come, besides the trailer. 

A.P. Bio Season 4 Full Episode Release Date

Season 4 Episode 1of ‘A.P. Bio’ will air on Peacock TV on September 2, 2021, at 3 a.m. ET. The service will release all episodes of Season 4 on the same day. The fourth season consists of eight episodes, each lasting roughly 22 minutes. You may watch the first episode of season 4 of ‘A.P. Bio’ online at Peacock TV. The show is a Peacock TV Original, therefore viewing it requires a subscription to the service. I’m not sure when Peacock will air the show, but I suspect it will be at 12:00 a.m. ET. If not, it should be available at 3 a.m. ET, similar to Netflix.

Spoilers for A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode 1

The beginning of the fourth season of ‘A.P. Bio’ will transport us to Whitlock High School. Principal Durbin plans to implement uniforms at the school, which would certainly irritate Jack. Students may also object to the proposal, resulting in a revolution. We’ll meet Jack’s long-missing father this season, and his entrance will open up a whole new can of worms for him. We’ll also witness how Jack has matured as a person throughout his stay in Toledo, and he might get unreasonable like some of the locals.

Here’s the official synopsis for A.P. Bio Season 4:

When disgraced Harvard philosophy scholar Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton) loses out on his dream job, he is forced to return to Toledo, Ohio, and work as a high school advanced placement biology teacher. As he comes crashing into Whitlock High School, Jack makes it absolutely clear that he will not be teaching any biology. Realizing he has a roomful of honor roll students at his disposal, Jack decides instead to use the kids’ brainpower for his own benefit. Over time, his students help him realize his dream job might actually be the one he has right now. Eager to prove that he is still king of the castle, Principal Durbin (Patton Oswalt) struggles to control the force of nature that is Jack Griffin.

A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode Guide

A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode 1: Tornado!
Synopsis: A tornado puts the school on lockdown and Helen believes it’s coming specifically for her; the kids pass the time by writing fan fiction, “shipping” various combinations of faculty members; Mary, Stef, and Michelle devise a plan to escape the school.
A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode 2: Sweatpants
Synopsis: Jack has the students form a fake cult to sabotage Principal Durbin’s new school uniforms; Mary, Stef, and Michelle prepare to see one of their favorite artists who is in town to perform.
A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode 3: An Oath to Rusty
Synopsis: Jack attempts to get closer with the guys at work by inviting them over for a game night; Helen helps Principal Durbin grow a backbone; Stef and Mary try to coax information out of Michelle about the court case she was a juror on.
A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode 4: Tons of Rue
Synopsis: When the A.P. Bio students reunite Jack with his deadbeat dad, Jack plots revenge by trying to expose his allegedly reformed father; a witch foretells of a grim future for Mary, Stef, and Michelle that divides the women.

A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode 5: The Perfect Date From Hell
Synopsis: When Jack discovers his new girlfriend’s therapy homework requires dating him, he turns the tables on her; Principal Durbin goes undercover to determine which faculty member is most worthy of a very special prize.
A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode 6: Love, for Lack of a Better Term
Synopsis: Victor attempts to catch up to his peers and become a man by sending Ashlanda a risqué photo; Grace and Anthony try to “Parent Trap” Mary and Principal Durbin after overhearing a conversation that makes them take pity on the single adults.
A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode 7:Malachi
Synopsis: When Jack’s girlfriend says she’s going to dinner with a male friend, a jealous Jack tags along; Principal Durbin, Mary, Stef, and Michelle take Helen out to cheer her up after a breakup.
A.P. Bio Season 4 Episode 8:The Harvard Pen
Synopsis: Jack is enraged to find that the A.P. Bio students have stolen his beloved Harvard pen after he asked them not to touch it; Principal Durbin and Helen repeatedly fail the superintendent’s inspections.

A.P. Bio Season 4 Cast

Glenn Howerton as Dr. Jack Griffin
Bruce Campbell as Griffin’s father
Lyric Lewis as Stef Duncan
Mary Sohn as Mary Wagner
Jean Villepique as Michelle Jones
Patton Oswalt as Principal Ralph Durbin
Aparna Brielle as Sarika Sarkar
Nick Peine as Marcus Kasperak
Allisyn Ashley Arm as Heather Wilmore
Eddie Leavy as Anthony Lewis
Charlie McCrackin as Coach Dick Novak
Jacob Houston as Victor Kozlowski
Spence Moore II as Dan Decker
Sari Arambulo as Grace
Marisa Baram as Marissa
David Neher as Dave Pugh
Brendan Jennings as Dale
Yuyao Deng as Yuyao
Paula Pell as Helen Henry Demarcus

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A.P. Bio Season 3 Finale Recap

In the third season finale, ‘Katie Holmes Day,’ the town of Whitlock prepares to celebrate a Christmas-like event focused on actress Katie Holmes. The festival represents believing in your dreams. But Jack thinks the holiday is absurd and decides to abolish it. He joins Marissa after she loses trust in the holiday plan. They spend Katie Holmes Day Eve sabotaging festive customs. The next day, thanks to holiday magic, everything returns to normal. To derail the pageant, Jack urges Marissa not to say her lines, undermining the play’s energy. Jack gets his wish to spend five more minutes with his late mother when he discovers a videotape she produced for him. Jack saves Katie Holmes Day and helps Marissa realize her goal of becoming Katie Holmes in the play.

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