Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

Back-to-back episodes of Taylor Sheridan’s breakout cable hit drama Yellowstone airing during its upcoming fifth season when rancher John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is unwillingly sworn in as the governor of Montana. John, who is not a natural nor passionate politician, is more interested in using his authority to protect his ranch and his beloved state from encroachments like Market Equities’ greedy CEO Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver), who becomes enraged when John begins to cancel transactions. Jamie (Wes Bentley), the attorney general’s adoptive son, is caught in the middle and is viewed as the weakest link by all parties. . The season debut is dominated by family strife and sorrow, with just enough mystery back at the ranch to serve as a gentle reminder that this is still a contemporary Western. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in Yellowstone Season 5 Episode, 1 Recap continue reading the recap at – Must Read: Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 Review

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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

the first episode begins with him getting congrats or a concession call from the opposition on election night. John gives a straightforward victory speech in which he effectively promises to halt development, accompanied by his predecessor and love interest Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz), who has also successfully run for senator. As governor, he wants to protect Montana from exploitation by rapacious outside corporations and tourists that use his native state as a playground, especially his prized ranch.

While giving the speech, his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) simultaneously celebrates the victory and glares at her hated brother Jamie (Wes Bentley), who was not nominated for the position. In the meantime, Mo (Moses Brings Plenty) is warned by Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham), who overhears the speech from his casino, that Dutton’s new stance is probably better for the land than it is for their commercial activities.

However, Caroline Warner’s answer is more forceful than the Broken Rock Reservation chief’s (Jacki Weaver). The CEO of Market Equities, who famously threatened to turn Beth’s house into a sewer last season, tosses her drink… and a few F-bombs—fearing the Governor would thwart her plans to construct an airport and ski resort on his land. However, her unscrupulous accomplice Ellis Steele notices Jamie’s apparent sadness and wonders right once how they may use this vulnerability. Apparently, the solution is to bring in the big guns, namely a woman by the name of Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri).

Kyle Red Silverstein
Kyle Red Silverstein as Young Rip and Kylie Rogers as Young Beth

Then, we travel back to Beth and Rip’s turbulent courtship as teenagers (Cole Hauser). To cut a long tale short, the wealthy daddy’s girl clearly adores the hard-working ranch hand but uses their first date as an occasion to humiliate, degrade, and make fun of him. She awakens at her current house with Rip, who is now her husband, feeling guilty and sorry for what she did. He exhorts her to let go of everything, look for pleasure, and find a new foe to focus all of her resentment on.

When we join up with Kayce (Luke Grimes), he is on the lookout for horse thieves near the Canadian border while operating in full Livestock Commissioner gear. He puts the Canadian police, who are complaining about jurisdiction, in their place while he and his troops apprehend the crooks. Later that evening, as he is still working on the case, Monica calls him because she is having excruciating labour pains. They agree that he would leave right away to meet her there, and she will drive to the hospital with Tate (Brecken Merrill).

The following morning, while John is being sworn in, he stalls and pauses awkwardly for a long time before uttering the oath. However, he settles in and assures his adoring crowd that he will rescind financing for the airport project and raise taxes on non-Montanans. Beth insists that Jamie do everything it takes to help make their father’s initiatives a reality despite Jamie’s warnings to the effect that they will put the state back 30 years. Angela (Q’orianka Kilcher), the scheming lawyer representing Rainwater, isn’t happy either; she accuses her employer of enabling John to acquire this level of authority.

Jamie and Beth argue as they travel back to the ranch, and John struggles to get a drink. Jamie cautions against abandoning the airport project once more, but John, like his daughter, reminds him that he is but their puppet and will do as instructed. John also admits that despite his passion for Montana, his primary motivation for playing the political game is to save the family property.

John’s new position hasn’t totally won Rip over either. He tells Beth he fears for the future and thinks the family will ultimately lose their land at the inauguration party, which he observes from a distance to keep a check on his open-bar-indulging cowboys. John had a worrying attitude the next morning as well. He meets Carter (Finn Little), Beth and Rip’s sort of adopted kid, and takes solace in the boy’s physical development as a reminder of his own frailty. He makes a lighthearted threat to dismiss Carter if he develops a beard. (In defence of John, Carter and Tate appear to have aged five years from the previous season.)

Dutton gets ready for work and walks to his car, but Jamie tells him they have to travel to Billings. Tate and Monica were involved in a fatal vehicle accident on the way to the hospital. Tate is talking to John when he gets there; he is bleeding, bruised, and wearing an arm cast. The infant, who was named after the youngster, was not able to survive the collision, the boy tells his grandpa. Kayce may be seen in the background cuddling Monica, who is unresponsive in her hospital bed.

The accident night is revisited in the second part of the premiere. Tate is stranded in the passenger seat as Monica is screaming on the side of the road due to her distracting pain, a similarly disturbed incoming motorist, and an errant bison. He uses a pocket knife to free himself before stumbling across his distressed mother. He must locate his phone and dial 911, per Monica.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 Photos
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Today, Monica is back at home and recovering physically, but she is still visibly devastated by her loss emotionally. Tate tells Kayce outside that he enjoyed having a sibling and that he wants his parents to try for another child. Monica runs into Kayce on the porch later that day. She lets him know that the Dutton ranch will be the site of her funeral. She also queries whether the baby’s loss was the terrible destiny he saw during his vision quest the previous season. He tells her that he did not foresee the catastrophe and that his decisions will determine whether or not the “end of us” he saw will come to pass.

John, who really despises the daily grind of politics, must get back to work. He meets, dismisses his Chief of Staff right away, names Beth to fill the position, and keeps working nonstop to thwart Market Equities’ expansion ambitions. Lynelle corrects him, telling him that in order to succeed, he must “play the game.” She agrees with Jamie, who cautions that outright terminating Market Equities’ lease will result in legal action.

Beth seizes the chance to remind Jamie where he stands once more. She will not think twice about locking him up since she owns him and is shamelessly using a tape of him burying his dead biological father’s body as a form of blackmail. Jamie argues that he is defending John and the ranch, but Beth is adamant that he cannot be saved and will be put out to pasture as soon as he is no longer required.

Jamie expedites the paperwork to have the state stop supporting the airport project at John’s request. The presidential order is given to Jamie’s father, who is reminded that it is a “declaration of war.” John signs it while Market Equities impatiently watches a news conference. Warner is enraged and requests that her company file a breach of contract lawsuit. She does, however, possess a hidden weapon. The just arrived Sarah Atwood stated earlier is also observing the news conference. A corporate shark with a bite like Beth’s, she recognises Jamie’s weakness right away: “He doesn’t appear to be ready for a battle. I’m going to begin with him.”

Back at the ranch, trouble is also afoot. The lads and Rip stumble upon a dead cow that has been devoured by wolves. There is some ambiguity about what exactly killed the poor animal, even though it is obvious that it was a meal for some hungry creatures. The good news is that Carter was given permission by Rip to do some real cowboy wrangling, and on John Dutton’s own horse no less. However, the happiness is fleeting since the child rides the horse into a hole, fracturing its leg and leaving Rip little choice but to put the animal to sleep. Rip reprimands Carter, admits full responsibility, and informs John of the situation.

But the governor has more urgent issues to deal with. He is getting ready to stop Market Equities’ next move now that their money has been cut off. This leads to a meeting with two political buddies for him and Beth, who just verbally dissed a weirdo at the bar. John is aware that Warner’s next move is to rezone the project, and that these men can thwart that demand. According to Lynelle’s prior counsel, John plays the game by guaranteeing their reelection in exchange for the favour. A stunned Beth cautions that his admission that he wants to obtain a conservation easement for the ranch will effectively prevent the family from selling or developing the property. But John thinks it’s a little price to pay to ensure that nobody else will ever be able to enter the property.

This brave choice triggers a memory of a youthful John Dutton (Josh Lucas) defending his land by going to equally extreme lengths. A herbicide is being used on the property by a construction company that was hired to build a cellular tower. Young Dutton approaches the foreman, who receives a fist to the face for his arrogant dismissiveness. The actual violence, however, is really a taster for John’s message-sending main meal. In the dark of night, he has his ranch men take the chemicals, then sprays them all over the foreman’s property, including his lifeless body.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 Photos
Courtesy of Paramount Network

Rip gave his soldiers the command to hunt those wolf-hungry cows in the present. When they go closer, Colby (Denim Richards) and Ryan (Ian Bohen) find that the animals are not wild after shooting them from a distance. They are cherished animals who have escaped from a local conservation area and “their own Facebook profiles.” Additionally, they are equipped with GPS collars that, after 12 hours of immobility, send out distress signals. The cowboys ask Rip for assistance because killing the protected wolves may result in a lengthy prison sentence. The black-clad boss guy gets the wonderful idea to fasten the collars of the murdered animals to logs, then toss them in the stream of the river so they continue to move.

Warner glares at a newspaper article announcing the rejection of her project’s rezoning as the programme comes to a conclusion. John is currently savouring his morning coffee and taking in the picture-perfect scene from his front porch. Claire, his assistant, joins him. She is in awe of the beauty of the area and wonders what it takes to preserve it. Without wasting a beat, John continues, “It takes everything we’ve got.”

The camera momentarily focuses on a tractor ploughing the fields as it moves away from the porch, giving us the horrible impression that the dead wolves may have been used as fertiliser. The camera finally arrives at a brook, where one of the collar-strapped logs has struck several other branches and stopped the camera.

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