Yellowstone Season 4 Recap: Who does Jimmy Choose? Mia or Emily??

Jimmy’s experience in Texas has surely helped the young guy become a true cowboy, and Yellowstone Season 4 has been a journey of self-discovery for him. Jimmy’s allegiance remains with the Yellowstone Ranch, but his fate lay elsewhere. Jimmy decides to leave the Yellowstone Ranch after John allows him to pursue his own interests. Jimmy is returning to Texas with Emily, but it is uncertain whether he will stay at the Four Sixes Ranch now that his contract has expired.

Yellowstone Season 4 Finale Full Recap

Yellowstone Season 4 Recap – Who Dies in Yellowstone Finale Recap? Explained

When Jimmy (Jefferson White) returns fresh from the 6666 Ranch, Laramie and Mia aren’t allowed in the bunkhouse. They invite him to participate in the game, and he introduces Emily (Kathryn Kelly) to his friends. As Jimmy tells Emily is his fiancee, Mia gives a potentially lethal glance. Mia leaps to her feet and hits Jimmy in the face, prompting Emily to retaliate by striking Mia in the face. As the fight progresses, the cowboys not only sit back and watch, but they also start putting bets on who will win.

They’re quite closely matched, and the fight comes to a close with no apparent winner. Emily makes light of the fight and asks for some alcohol as Jimmy drags Mia away from her. Emily pulls up a chair and joins the poker game when Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) complements her manner.

Who does Jimmy Choose?

When they get outside, Jimmy tells Mia that she isn’t meant to be there and that she told him they were done if he left. He met Emily, fell in love with her, and, unlike Mia, she opted to accompany him back to Yellowstone. Jimmy believes he matured while in Texas, and when Mia insists that he choose between her and Emily, Jimmy’s silence says it all.

John Meets Jimmy

Yellowstone Season 4 Finale Photos

After Mia (Eden Brolin) has left, John comes up to them and says he didn’t want to disturb their conversation. Jimmy chuckles and remarks that he wishes John hadn’t interfered.

John is impressed when Jimmy shows him the horse they just bought, though he says he doesn’t know how to tell if a horse has talent or heart. When John inquires about the 6666 trailers, Jimmy responds that his fiancee would transport it back to Texas. Jimmy says he’ll work off what he owes and figure it out later, and John wonders if he’ll accompany her back to Texas.

John quips that paying off his debt will take 75 years, but Jimmy assures him that he will be paid. “You owe no one but yourself, Jim,” John replies. He extends his hand, they shake hands, and John says his loan is paid. Jimmy may do whatever he wants, and John assures him that there will always be a place for him at Yellowstone.

The lads work for the herd the next morning, and Jimmy impresses everyone with his improved roping talents. Jimmy went out and became a cowboy, which surprises Lloyd and Rip.

Everyone seems to be having a wonderful time, including Rip, who urges Colby and Ryan not to drink everything in the cooler. Colby and Ryan, the comic duo, are enthralled by Jimmy’s rope talents. “I don’t know what’s going on in the world anymore,” Ryan says. “Dogs purring, cats barking…” Colby adds, “I don’t comprehend anything.” They’re drinking beer and don’t know what to say when the “barrel racing-girl” calls them insane.

It’s been a fantastic day for the cowboys, and Jimmy admits to Lloyd that he’d want to have more days like this in the future. Jimmy believes it would be easier to accomplish this in Texas because no one is pushing to shut down the ranch. Outsiders are making it impossible to focus only on labor in Montana.

Jimmy understands that he can be a cowboy but not a combatant. Lloyd gives him a hug as he realizes they’re going to say their goodbyes for good. He bids Jimmy well, and Jimmy, alone, walks around the ranch he’s called home for years.

Jimmy and Emily farewell in Yellowstone Finale

The lads form a queue to bid Jimmy and Emily farewell. Teeter says something incomprehensible, Colby and Ryan hug Jimmy, and Walker begs him to say hello to the boys in Texas for him. Lloyd walks away after tipping his hat; saying goodbye is too painful for him. Rip takes a few steps back with Jimmy, reassuring him that he would always have a home there. Rip also expresses his admiration for Jimmy.

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