Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10 Full Recap – “Grass On The Streets And Weeds On The Rooftops”

In season 4 of Yellowstone, many of the main characters face problems that put them at crossroads in their lives. As the fourth season comes to an end, each member of the Dutton family has to make a hard decision. There are a lot of emotional moments, twists, and answers in the show’s season finale because of the choices that the characters make. However, not all of the storylines have been resolved, and the futures of some characters are still unknown.One major player was sent to the train station and another was sent to Somewhere worse.  Here ( is everything you need to know about the end of “Yellowstone” season 4 episode 10!

Beth is collecting her belongings when Rip wakes up. She’s in tears. He’s curious as to where she’s heading. She’s leaving because she slaughtered his lamb. She doesn’t think John wants her, therefore she’s ready to walk away from everything. Rip warns her that if she breaks her vow to him, it would remain broken indefinitely. Beth enters John’s room. She expresses regret and requests to remain. He claims it isn’t required, but it is for her. He always says, “I love you,” and he means it. Beth and Carter have a very sad chat in which she tells him that she is not and will never be his mother. Walker is asked about prison by Beth. Conjugal, visits. She then inquires as to how she might obtain a firearm. One that isn’t disguised as a weapon. While Rip observes, this exchange takes place. He instructs her to enter the prison with a hairpin.

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Rip takes a ride to Walker. Walker informs him. Before the nicer, gentler Beth comes, Beth has one last act planned. Rip wants to take care of it, but she insists that this one is for her alone. As he begins to hallucinate, Kayce freezes his balls under a huge fur coat. In the bunkhouse, there was more card playing. Mia hasn’t vanished. That surprised me. Jimmy has returned, and he’s brought Emily with him. He’s engaged to her! Emily jumps to Jimmy’s aid as Mia leaps from her chair and socks him in the face. In this catfight, there is a lot of leaping. Jimmy had also not expected Mia to show up. She is disappointed that he did not stand up for her. He accepted her word for it.

Emily chose to accompany him, although Jimmy and Mia never considered it. She expects him to make a decision right now, and she’s not going to like it. Mia had just returned from a trip to Laramie. John came out to see the horse and didn’t want to bother Jimmy and Mia, so he didn’t say anything. Metallic Cat is hiding behind a blanket, which is likely to conceal the fact that it isn’t Metallic Cat. Jimmy informs John of his engagement, and Emily promises to return the truck to the four sixes. Jimmy intends to work off the money he owes John. He will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever John claims that Texas has been wonderful to Jimmy and that the only debt he owes is to himself. They’re even, according to John. Jimmy always has a spot at Yellowstone, no matter what he decides.

Lee pays Kayce a visit and offers his assistance in his quest. Lee becomes enraged when Kayce refuses. Monica then approaches him, assuring him that it is all a dream. The new Jimmy has everyone impressed. Beth irritates the Market Equities person. Beth was given enough rope to hang herself, and she did so. She claims to have engaged in business espionage. Caroline is aware that Beth released confidential material to the New York Times. With this chick, Beth has now made it personal. She’s going to rape Yellowstone to death and tell Beth she’ll send her to prison before firing her.  John visits his friend Judge Mitchell Davis (Pat Skipper) to discuss Summer Higgins. Summer’s judge isn’t interested in giving Summer a break, according to John.

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Summer is going to prison, according to Mitch, and the only question is for how long. Beth is the one who receives the conjugal visit. He had no idea who is waiting for him. It’s Beth calling. Duh. She’s dressed in a gold gown with thigh-high boots. He doesn’t even recognize her. This is when she discovers Jamie was aware of this man. She decides not to murder him outright and instead mocks him. Rodeoing. Roping. The lads are having a good time. Jimmy informs Lloyd that he is returning to Texas. Rip and John are both concerned. Then Beth enters, dressed in her gold lame outfit. She tells them they have to go outdoors because they have a business to attend to. She has something she needs to accomplish tomorrow, and she wants to do it as a married woman. She has brought a priest with her. She is more concerned with the marriage than with the wedding.

Jimmy believes that adding beans to chili turns it into stew. Lloyd was one of the items on Rip’s wish list. He’s the best person I’ve ever met. Carter claims to be little more than a stall cleaner. Beth is told by John that she will not be able to wear her bridal gown. She claims she won’t be there for long. John wants to make the wedding as authentic as possible given the circumstances. The priest would normally speak a few words, but because he has no idea who these folks are, he skips forward to the vows. Rip finally hands Beth the ring he stole from his mother’s grave. They’ve tied the knot! The priest swears not to file kidnapping charges. Kayce notices a wolf. Screams. What are they looking for from him? Imagines himself as a member of the military. He witnesses his pal being blasted to bits. A major brawl occurs. You may hear coyotes crying when he wakes up.

Summer’s day in court has arrived. We’re about to find out how much the judge listened after John said he spoke with him. Summer wishes to alter her request. John claims that he trusts a jury more than a judge, but she prefers to put her faith in her attorneys. She’ll be extremely remorseful. The judge begins to regret her choice as she speaks about her aim to cause harm.

When he examines her records, he sees a career criminal who has convinced herself that she is correct. She will be eligible for parole in years once she reaches the age of 65. She sobs and throws herself into John’s arms. She has a new battle ahead of her, and it begins right now. Mitch is a jerk, and John is irritated to the point of rage. He’s in desperate need of a drink. And he informs Mitch of what is about to occur. He must put a halt to the felony assaults. Mitch is irritated by the fact that she will be out in eight months.

According to John, it’s been eight months of torment. Mitch claims that the disease of entitlement is destroying everything. If she waits two days to file her appeal, he agrees to amend the penalty. Jamie’s office is where Beth is waiting for him. She urges him to go to the website of the Bureau of Prison Management. She claims she’s ready to trash her life today as she pulls out a revolver. She has done everything she can to set her affairs in order, and if necessary, she will kill him. Jamie admits that he is aware of Garrett’s existence. Jamie and Garrett, according to Beth, both want the same thing: the land. Garrett will quickly claim it was Jamie’s idea, she claims because he will flip on Jamie without hesitation. She gives the second alternative, which is to tell Rip what Garrett and Jamie did to Beth after she had an abortion and was sterile. On bended knee, Jamie pleads for his life. She claims that there is a third choice.

Kayce is still hiding beneath the tree. This time, he is approached by an Indian woman. She is the wolf’s representative. She’s there to assist him in passing through the doors. He keeps an eye on her and the wolf. He sees two possibilities. He frowns as he looks down the left way. Kayce can assist him in walking the route, but she must pick it herself. Mo is sitting by Kayce when he wakes up. It’s time for me to return home. He tells Monica that “The End of US”

Who Dies in Yellowstone Finale Recap? Explained

The wranglers say their goodbyes to Jimmy and Emily. Rip informs Lloyd that he’ll always have a place at Yellowstone and that he’s proud of him as he walks away with a tip of his hat. Cowboys don’t say goodbye; instead, they say “see you later” until they’re down in the mud. Mia sobs as they walk away. When Jamie returns home, he approaches Garrett and kneels alongside him. Garrett is all set to depart. He expresses concern about Jamie being alone. He believes Jamie would have it everything if he could teach him how to be fearless. Jamie murders Garrett while sobbing by his side. Jamie is leaving Wyoming in the dead of night. Garrett’s body is in his possession. When Beth orders him to stop, he drags it to the side of the road. She snaps a picture. He should’ve gone with option one or two because he’s now fucking hers with option three. Despite his best efforts, John loves Jamie and is grateful that he is still alive. Life continues to go on despite everything. As the day progresses, he joins Carter for a ride. With Jamie, he made a mistake, but Carter could be his second opportunity.

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