Will Shea and the wagon train be able to continue their journey to Oregon?

1883 Episode 8

This Sunday, Feb. 27, the first season of 1883 comes to an end. After last week’s dramatic penultimate episode, there are some big questions that we hope the show will answer in the end. We already know that there will be a second season of 1883, but let’s not forget that what happens in episode 10 “This Is Not Your Heaven” could also have an impact on 1932, Taylor Sheridan’s new spin-off show. What will happen in episode 10 of season 1 of ‘1883’? Spoilers ahead. 1883 for a recap of the last nine episodes.

Is it true Y:1883 will end Elsa in its First Season?

The trip began to go haywire in the first episode, even before the Duttons’ wagon train left Fort Worth, Texas. What happens to Shea (Sam Elliott), Thomas (LaMonica Garrett), and the rest of the immigrants in the wagon train if the Duttons stay in Montana? While Dutton gained command of the wagon train in episode 8 of 1883, Shea pledged to get the wagon train to Oregon, claiming that they’d all endured too much to not make it there. Even if the Duttons fail to reach Yellowstone and remain in Montana, we believe the wagon train and its westward voyage will be a major plot point in season 2. This might be a huge step forward for the program, as it will finally give the supporting characters a chance to shine. One of our complaints with the first season of 1883 was that they might have done more to develop Josef (Marc Rissmann) as a character, as well as others in the wagon train such as Wade (James Landry Hébert), Noemi (Gratiela Brancusi), and Colton.

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