Will Katherine McNamara reprise her role as Mia Smoak in The Flash season 8?

katherine mcnamara the flash

There are only a few episodes left before The Flash season 8 wraps up, but could you see Katherine McNamara as Mia Smoak somewhere in there? Arrow star Katherine was joined in the five-part Armageddon crossover. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Mia will be making an appearance in the remaining episode, but there is room for more in the future. Showrunner Eric Wallace told TVLine that there’s a chance we’ll see her again in season 9, but not for the rest of the year.

When it comes to Mia in Season 9, there’s one thing we’re concerned about right now: Katherine’s personal timetable. Remember that the Shadowhunters alum is set to star in Walker: Independence, which will only add to her already hectic schedule. While we’re sure that broadcasting on The CW helps because there’s a lot of internal scheduling to be done, we can’t see her being available for more than one episode. If Season 9 is The Flash’s final season, we’re looking for plenty of appearances and callbacks. After all, we’d jump at the chance to commemorate the Arrowverse’s whole anniversary before things wind down.

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