Why does Naruto rarely smile in Boruto? Explained

Many children who have been exposed to anime have been profoundly influenced by the character Naruto. He is a person who has demonstrated the power of hard effort and the value of perseverance in the face of difficulty. It is nearly impossible to deal with troubles while smiling, but this character has managed to do it at some of the most trying circumstances.

However, it appears he doesn’t smile as frequently as he once did in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series. There are numerous explanations that could apply. Let’s examine the reasons why fans think the protagonist of the Shippuden series doesn’t grin as frequently as he formerly did. tvacute explained everything here.

Why is the main character in Naruto not smiling as much as he once did?

The significance of the next generation and how much stronger they will be than the previous one is one of the most recurring themes in this series. As a result, Sasuke and Naruto don’t appear on screen as frequently as they did in Shippuden. This is one factor that contributes to the audience’s perception that the character isn’t grinning as much as he once did. Naruto was usually silly and grinned all the time in Shippuden. However, the current situation is very different. He is now a grownup, even though it may sound a little corny. He is not the carefree Shinobi whose only objective was to get more powerful. He currently holds the position of Konohagakure’s Seventh Hokage, which comes with a lot of responsibility. Every potential threat must be eliminated since the people of Konohagakure entrust the Hokage with their lives. This is really great. Because it is his duty as a hokage to defend everyone no matter what, Naruto is willing to sacrifice everything, even if it means dying. He has always been ready for this situation.

It can be challenging to lead a stress-free existence and maintain a constant grin when a character must live up to such expectations. In addition, Naruto has parental duties that might be rather demanding. His son, Boruto, is very vocal about the fact that he doesn’t get to spend much time with his family. Naruto has frequently had to risk his life in order to protect those he cares about. In the process, he lost a very dear friend with whom he had shared many memories. The character was undoubtedly impacted by the death of Kurama, and a traumatic experience like that may alter someone fundamentally. Anyone’s mental health is impacted when the aforementioned situations are added together, and the Seventh Hokage is no exception. He must have been affected by the responsibility, the repercussions, and the sheer number of awful occurrences he had witnessed. Despite the fact that Naruto still smiles and takes on his challenges head-on, there has been a distinct shift in his conduct.

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