Who is Vermithor Dragon and Who is Ride Vermithor?

House of the- Dragon Episode 10 Recap

The Game of Thrones prequel was inspired by George R.R. Martin’s 2018 book Fire & Blood, which chronicles House Targaryen’s fall. 30 years of significant events building up to the Dance of the Dragon’s civil war are covered in HOTD Season 1 of the epic fantasy drama. King Viserys Targaryen dies in episode nine, which concludes with a dramatic scene from Aegon’s coronation in which his aunt Rhaenys Targaryen rushes to tell Rhaenyra of her overthrown throne while riding her dragon across the great hall. House of the Dragon Episode 10 will introduce a new dragon. The second-largest dragon currently alive, behind Vhagar, is one of the dragons.. episode 10 gives us a little peak at just how enormous Vermithor is. Here is (tvacute.com)  to explain everything.

House of the Dragon Episode 10 Recap
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Who is Vermithor?

Vermithor was a terrifying creature. Vermithor had “huge tan wings” and was bronze in color.  “Only Balerion and Vhagar were greater dragons in 48 AC than Vermithor, which was already a massive dragon Vermithor was approximately a century old at the time of the Dance of the Dragons. According to the novel, “huge bronze-and-tan beast,” Vermithor was described as having “bronze scales” and “eyes like pools of molten bronze.  Vermithor, one of the biggest dragons in the world at the time, is one of the dragons who will take part in the Dance of the Dragons or the Targaryen civil war in House of the Dragon. Of course, Vermithor’s size indicates that he has been around for a while, and as a result, he has likely encountered a number of Dragonriders in his time. But in the Fire & Blood novel, who sat on Vermithor the Bronze Fury?

Who Ride Vermithor?

Vermithor’s first rider was King Jaehaerys Targaryen, with whom he had formed a bond probably from the moment the dragon emerged from its egg. When Prince Jacaerys called for additional Dragonriders, Hugh Hammer claimed Vermithor after nearly 30 years without a rider following Jaehaerys’s passing. We have not yet witnessed full-fledged, extensive combat between Dragonriders in House of the Dragon, but that will change once the bastards known as dragon seeds, who were able to ride dragons during the Dance of the Dragons, are introduced. We are here to learn more about Hugh Hammer, Vermithor’s final rider, who was one of the dragon seeds who changed the course of the war.

Vermithor’s number of riders was how many?

Vermithor was hinted at in the House of the Dragon season 1 finale as another enormous dragon that would take part in the impending Targaryen civil war, which defined the entire time period in which the show is set in. Vermithor, who was second only to Vhagar in terms of sheer size during the Dance of the Dragons, was undoubtedly one of the biggest dragons in the world at the time. This signifies that there is no question about the strength of this male dragon.

Who Rode Vermithor in Fire and Blood?

Naturally, Vermithor’s size suggests that this dragon has been around for a while already, as his age during the Dance of the Dragons was almost a century, second only to Vhagar if we exclude the wild dragons. He has therefore encountered his fair share of Dragonriders as well. How many riders did Vermithor, however, have?

Vermithor only had two Dragonriders, according to the book, during his entire life. The majority of the other Targaryens connected with various dragons or were given dragon eggs when they were still very young, thus despite being one of the oldest dragons in the world during the Dance of the Dragons, he didn’t have many dragons. In that sense, a rider could only become close to Vermithor if they had the guts to attempt to capture the Bronze Fury dragon. Additionally, not everyone wanted to do it. Vermithor, according to the book, only had two Dragonriders, as we’ve already established. Let’s learn more about them as well.

1. Jaehaerys Targaryen, the king

King Jaehaerys Targaryen, who governed the Seven Kingdoms before King Viserys occupied the Iron Throne, was first introduced to us in the prologue of House of the Dragon. In order to decide between Prince Viserys and Princess Rhaenys who would succeed Jaehaerys, a Great Council was convened during his reign. Viserys, who enjoyed the longest reign of any Targaryen monarch of Westeros with 55 years of rule, was undoubtedly the one picked to follow the man known as the Old King. Jaehaerys’ reign did not begin peacefully, despite the fact that he ruled the Seven Kingdoms for more than fifty years without engaging in any significant conflicts other than a few skirmishes with Dorne and a few other rivals. That’s because Jaehaerys and his allies rose up in rebellion against King Maegor the Cruel, who was despised by the populace for usurping the Iron Throne and being one of the cruellest monarchs the kingdom had ever known. Jaehaerys was already riding Vermithor when he led his uprising against Maegor.

Vermithor may have hatched around the time the Old King was still a newborn, hence it seems likely that he was a cradle-side egg for Jaehaerys. Vermithor was the third-largest dragon in the world when Jaehaerys rebelled in 48 AC; the two dragons bigger than him were Balerion the Black Dread and Vhagar. Vermithor was known as the Bronze Fury because of his enormous stature and bronze hue. Jaehaerys succeeded to the Iron Throne after Maegor’s mysterious death and ruled for 55 years. He was with Vermithor for the entirety of his dominion over the Seven Kingdoms because he lived for close to 70 years. Jaehaerys and Vermithor didn’t engage in many conflicts at that time because of how peaceful his rule was. Even though there were conflicts and skirmishes, Jaehaerys’s sons and their dragons participated in them.

2. Hugh Hammer

King Jaehaerys passed away in 103 AC, depriving Vermithor of a dragonrider. After the Old King’s demise, the dragon spent most of its time on Dragonstone. Nobody attempted to claim him, perhaps because the Targaryens either already had their own dragons or were afraid of the Bronze Fury’s power. Prince Jacaerys Velaryon, however, understood that they required more Dragonriders at the Dance of the Dragons. He then issued a summons for other Dragonriders to arrive and take possession of some of the riderless dragons on Dragonstone.

Hugh, a blacksmith’s bastard with Targaryen blood, attempted to claim Vermithor as his own at that time. Lord Gormon Massey attempted to claim Vermithor before Hugh, but the dragon slayed him right away. After that, Hugh had little to no issue at all claiming Vermithor.  Due to his strength and heroic efforts while fighting for the Blacks at the Battle of the Gullet, he gained the moniker Hugh Hammer. Following the battle, Rhaenyra knighted Hugh and gave him certain territories that helped him advance his rank. He was, however, renowned for his explosive temper and propensity to defy authority.
Hugh Hammer and another dragonseed named Ulf the White betrayed Rhaenyra and switched sides to the Greens during the First Battle of Tumbleton. He maintained the same temper that made him somewhat unpleasant while he was with the Greens, though. Because of this, he was killed as he was getting ready for war, leaving Vermithor once more without a rider. Soon after Hugh Hammer passed away, Vermithor was eventually slain during a battle with Tessarion and Seasmoke.

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