Who Is Tokata Iron Eyes? The Standing Rock Sioux Activist

Who Is Tokata Iron Eyes? The Standing Rock Sioux Activist

Ezra Miller, an actor, has been charged with grooming activist Tokata Iron Eyes since he was twelve years old. Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle, Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents, have accused Miller and filed court paperwork at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court.
Tokata Iron Eyes has been accused of being “physically and emotionally abused” by Ezra Miller. Miller was also accused of “psychologically influencing, physically frightening, and endangering the safety and welfare” of Iron Eyes, according to her parents.

Following the charges against Miller, Iron Eyes turned to Instagram to assert that the claims are untrue. Ezra Miller, she added, “offered loving support and crucial protection.” “My daughter Tokata Iron Eyes has not had a phone since January 2022,” Iron Eyes’ mother tweeted in response. She claimed Miller had taken charge of Iron Eyes’ Instagram account and requested that anyone with information on Iron Eyes’ whereabouts contact her.

18-year-old Standing Rock Sioux activist Tokata Iron Eyes is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Iron Eyes is a vocalist and composer in addition to being a musician.
Tokata Iron Eyes is the daughter of Chase Iron Eyes, an activist, attorney, and politician, and Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle, a pediatrician, and activist.

Iron Eyes began her activism when she was nine years old when she testified against a uranium mine in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Great Thunberg and Iron Eyes met at George Washington University and held many protests together in North and South Dakota in 2019. Iron Eyes went to Simon Rock at Bard College. Ezra Miller had funded her college tuition and used that to create a sense of “indebtedness,” according to her parents.

Iron Eyes left college in December 2021, and her parents claim that when they visited Miller’s house in January 2022, they discovered that she had lost her driver’s license, keys, and bank cards. Tokata and Ezra Miller meet in 2016 at the Stand Rock Reservation protests in North Dakota when Tokata was 12 and Ezra was 23 years old, according to Tokata’s parents.

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