Who Is Robyn Brown’s Nanny on Sister Wives? Meri, Janelle, and Christine Discuss Details

Sister Wives

When it was found that she and her husband Kody Brown had been utilizing hired help to care for their children throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Robyn Brown’s nanny became a major point of contention between her and her sister’s wives Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown.

In a sneak preview clip from the TLC series’ Sunday, December 26 episode, Kody, 52, stated, “Robyn and I have an employee, we call her a ‘nanny,’ she comes over, she helps with caring for the kids and she helps with teaching the kids.”

In her confessional, she also vented her emotions. “What is it that the nanny and her husband are doing that allows them to come over?” Because even if I do everything I should at home, my daughters are unable to see their siblings. “What does the nanny do?” you might wonder. she stated

While the nanny appeared to be the source of Christine’s annoyances, her name remains unknown.

During their talk, Christine continued to convey her point to Kody. “I think it’s time to eliminate the limits,” she insisted to her husband, “since we’re all as safe as we can be.”

Kody, on the other hand, was not convinced. “She isn’t following the same rules, and she isn’t acting in the same way.” “She’s full of nonsense,” he confessed in his confessional.

During their difficult conversation, Christine continued to explain to Kody, “It’s been six months and we’re not doing well.” “If I don’t get a guarantee that we’ll have Thanksgiving, I’m leaving,” she explained.  “I guess, OK,” Kody replied, “we’ll sort it out tomorrow.” Let’s get the family to agree on what we’re going to do.”

In his confessional, however, the father of 18 sounded unsure. “We’ve reached a stalemate. We don’t agree. He said, “I’m simply finished with this conversation.” “I’m finished. We’re not making any progress here, so I’m hoping to return tomorrow and continue my argument or perhaps receive some support.”

Christine appeared to be dissatisfied with how their chat concluded. “I’m not sure if Kody wants to see everyone together again.” “I’m very concerned about that,” she expressed her concern. “Perhaps he’ll be alright just living apart.”

Christine appears to have followed through on her threat to Kody in the upcoming episode, which was shot months in advance. After 27 years of marriage, she announced her divorce from Kody in November.

Sister Wives is a TLC show that airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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