Who is Isildur’s Mother? What Happened to her In Lord of the Rings?

Who is Isildur's Mother? What Happened to her In Lord of the Rings?

The sixth episode of The Rings of Power told us more about Isildur’s mother than J.R.R. Tolkien ever did. The manner of her death, however, is considerably more significant than we could have ever imagined, even though knowing how she passed away doesn’t help us understand who she was. She perished in the same waters where she is now calling to her son, a son who will forever alter Middle-earth. Because of this, losing her might have been a gift despite the suffering she caused her family. Because “the sea is always correct,” as Nmenoreans firmly think. Here is everything we know about Isildur’s mother.

Who is Isildur’s Mother?

Elendil had two sons, Isildur and Anárion, with an unidentified Nmenórean woman who was undoubted of similar background and noble family.  Isildur (Maxim Baldry) and his father Elendil (Lloyd Owen) are alive prior to Sauron’s return to Middle-earth because Amazon’s The Rings of Power condenses its Second Age timeframe. TROP also introduces Eärien, a non-canon sister of Ema Horvath, and mentions Isildur’s canon brother Anárion. Isildur’s mother is the sole member of the family still alive at the start of The Rings of Power. We are certain that this tragedy has had a significant impact on Isildur because his best buddy viciously called him out for “brooding and blabbering,” and in episode 6 of The Rings of Power, Elendil mentions that his wife drowned.

The Rings of Power is venturing into TV original area with Isildur’s mother, just like Eärien did. Of course, he had one in the original text, but Tolkien keeps her name a secret and doesn’t even say whether she lived to see Nmenórean fall. Readers can presume Elendil wed a woman who shared his social position and belonged to the Faithful, the group of Nmenóreans who were devoted to the Valar and kind to Elves, based on the Nmenórean customs Tolkien does explain. Though Tolkien’s literature may not give her much to do, The Rings of Power unmistakably makes her more significant to its Nmenórean story. When discussing his late wife with Galadriel in The Rings of Power episode 6, Elendil dismissively says “she drowned,” which raises questions about his sincerity. Either there was another means for Isildur’s mother to pass away, or there was more to her drowning than Elendil is letting on.

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