In Hocus Pocus, what happened to Binx the cat?

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The Sanderson witches, three witches that haunt Salem, are the setting of Disney+’s “Hocus Pocus 2,” which takes place there. Three kids defeated them on the evening of Halloween 1993; they date back to the 1693. Binx, the cat, was one of the primary factors in their inability to kill youngsters and consume their souls in order to recover their youth. For three hundred years, he had kept watch over the Handerson home, frightening away anyone who might be able to bring the witches back to life. Binx mysteriously does not show up in “Hocus Pocus 2.” ( Here’s everything you need to know if you’re wondering what happened to him at the end of “Hocus Pocus” and why he doesn’t show up in the follow-up.

what happened to Binx the cat?

Teenager Thackery resided in the 17th century with his family and sister Emily. After following her into the woods one day but failing to save her from the three Witches, he insulted Winifred and was subsequently changed into an immortal black cat. After that, just as Binx’s father approaches the witches, wondering where his kid is while unaware that they had transformed Binx into a black cat, the Sanderson Sisters detect an irate crowd outside the cottage. Later, when Binx comes to his parents, his father doesn’t recognise him and assumes he is bugging them.

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After Max Dennison mistakenly ignites a Black Flame Candle that brings back the Sanderson Sisters three centuries later, Binx (in his cat form) finds Max and helps him from the Sanderson Sisters. Once the Dennisons are free, Binx describes Billy Butcherson’s life before his death. Thackery Binx tells the Dennisons that he lost his sister Emily to Winifred, Mary, and Sarah, lived three centuries and was returned to life as a result of Max’s plot in modern times after it is later discovered that the cat speaking to the two is actually Thackery Binx. Max tries to light the spell book while he is standing beside Emily’s tomb to remove the curse, but Binx cautions him that the book is protected by magic and hence is not flammable. Binx guides the Dennisons into the old Salem crypt as soon as the Sanderson Sisters arrive in order to escape being discovered by Winifred, her sisters, and the zombie Billy Butcherson.

Binx is unexpectedly run by the bus the Sanderson Sisters boarded after they chase him out of the crypt and escape through a sewer, but it is subsequently discovered that he can be revived because to the immortality the Sanderson Sisters bestowed upon him via spell. The Dennison family welcomes Binx, much to the surprise of Dani’s father and mother who are busy dancing at a Halloween party, as Binx shares with Max how dear his sister was before she died while the Sanderson Sisters are trapped. Later, while Allison and Max read the spell book, Binx cautions them, saying that anyone who reads the book could cause awful things to happen. Additionally, Binx is captured by the Sanderson Sisters, but Max is able to liberate him and escape from the witches with the aid of Dani.

After the daybreak, Winifred, Sarah, and Mary all turn to stone, and Binx’s spirit is eventually freed from the curse and returned to his cat form. Dani and Binx’s spirit have a brief conversation while Thackery and Emily joyfully reunite. He doesn’t go back to Salem after the witches are resurrected since he is free of his curse and his spirit has found peace, which explains why he isn’t in “Hocus Pocus 2.” Instead, we have Gilbert’s pet Cobweb, who is intelligent enough to know how to aid his owner and his pals in their fight against the witches while not having a human soul imprisoned in his body.

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