Where is Netflix’s Under the Queen’s Umbrella Filmed?

Where is Netflix's Under the Queen's Umbrella Filmed?

Netflix’s historical Korean drama Under the Queen’s Umbrella, which is set during the Joseon era, is about the upbringing of the Queen’s troublesome sons and how they are made into suitable princes. Kim Hye-soo plays Queen Im Hwa-ryeong in the , Kim Hae-sook plays Queen Dowager, and Choi Won-young plays King Lee-ho. The series is directed by Kim Hyung-shik. The series has established itself as a grounded approach to historical politics since the first episode, with characters’ emotions driving the narrative and stoking the drama that is still to come. Filming for “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” took place in South Korea, notably in Mungyeong and North Jeolla Province. Principal photography for the show’s first season reportedly started in April 2022. So, let’s examine the places that are included in the Netflix series. We (tvacute.com) are here to investigate the same.

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Where is Netflix’s Under the Queen’s Umbrella Filmed?

One of the main filming locations for “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” is South Korea’s North Jeolla Province, often known as Jeonbuk. The city of Jeonju, which was a well-known landmark during the Joseon era, is located in the area. The Jeonju Hyanggyo, a provincial school from the 15th century located at 139 Hyanggyo-Gil, Wansan-Gu, Jeonju, serves as the drama’s main setting. Similarly, scenes for the series are filmed at the Jeonju Hanok Village, located at 99 Girin-Daero, Pungnamdong 3(sam)-Ga, Wansan-Gu, Jeonju. The city of Namwon, located in North Jeolla Province, is also home to the Gwanghanruwon Garden in 1447 Yocheon-Ro, Geum-Dong. The botanical area, which Hwang Hui Jeongseung built in 1419, is one of the filming locations for the Korean program.

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The cast and crew of the Netflix series film significant scenes all across North Gyeongsang Province’s Mungyeong. In particular, a number of sequences from the first season were filmed in Mungyeong-Saejae Open Set, a location at 932 Saejae-Ro. The building complex, also known as KBS studio, is a recreation of Mungyeong-Saejae Pass. The area, which is a part of Mungyeong-Saejae Provincial Park, has served as the backdrop for numerous well-liked Korean productions.

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