Where I can watch Look Both Ways (2022) Everything we know

How I can watch Look Both Ways (2022)

Riverdale is where Lili Reinhart made her acting debut. The actor will now be visible in the newest Look Both Ways (previously known as Plus/Minus) Netflix original. The film’s popular director has helmed a number of blockbusters, including Rafiki and From a Whisper. As a result, we already have high hopes for this film. Most girls out there could find the plot of this movie to be relevant. The main character in this movie, Natalie, finds out she’s pregnant the night before she graduates from college and must choose between two options.

One is where she moves to her hometown to take care of her child, and the other is where she has an abortion and leaves for Los Angeles to pursue her dream job. What do you anticipate Natalie to decide? To find out the answer, you’ll have to see the movie. Your eyes will be wide open thanks to Lili’s performance and Wanuri Kahui’s direction. If you’re wondering where to watch Look Both Ways, www.tvacute.com have the solution.

When and How I can watch Look Both Ways (2022)

The movie, Look Both Ways, will be available to stream on Netflix on August 17, 2022. Additionally, the movie has been deemed appropriate for anyone over the age of 12, so tuck your youngsters in before watching. We are confident that these 110 minutes will send you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Meet The Look Both Ways Cast

The show’s characters were revealed back in March. Natalie, the main character, will be portrayed by Lili Reinhart. In addition, Danny Ramirez will portray Natalie’s love interest, Gabe. In addition, Luke Wilson, Andrea Savage, Aisha Dee, David Corenswet, and Nia Long.

What is the Look Both Ways storyline?

On the day of the announcement, Netflix revealed the official logline for Look Both Ways:

“On the eve of her college graduation, Natalie’s life diverges into two parallel realities: one in which she becomes pregnant and must navigate motherhood as a young adult in her Texas hometown, the other in which she moves to LA to pursue her career. In both journeys throughout her twenties, Natalie experiences life-changing love, devastating heartbreak and rediscovers herself.”

Where was the ‘Look Both Ways’ Shot?

In Austin, Texas, principal photography started on June 21, 2021, and ended on August 8, 2021. By August 3rd, the filming was over. Early 2022 saw the film’s reshoots take place in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, at the Vancouver Public Library, Pacific Coffee Roasters, and Acquafarina restaurant. A couple of the film’s sequences were also filmed in Los Angeles, California.

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