Everything we know about Netflix’s High Heat (TV series)

Everything we know about Netflix's High Heat (TV series)

A brand-new Mexican drama that will be broadcast on Netflix will be a television program. The Who Killed Sara? creators also developed this program. You’re about to experience an emotional rollercoaster thanks to the tv series. Even before it premiers, High Heat (Spanish: Donde hubo fuego) is becoming very popular. The show’s plot is around crime and mystery, so it looks like something you might enjoy watching.

The show’s lead character solves a murder mystery, but this isn’t your typical murder scene. His sibling was killed on a fire bridge. A smorgasbord of romance and family is also discovered along with the serial killer after the lead joins the inquiry. Are you interested in the storyline?  tvacute.com are eagerly anticipating the start of the event. Do you want to know when and where High Heat will be available on Netflix? Now that you’ve found the page, scroll down to get the answers to your questions

Poncho investigates his brother’s death at the start of the narrative in an effort to identify the murderer and seek retribution. He follows the path to a fire station in a Mexico City neighborhood. Poncho continues on after that. He joins the fire station covertly and conducts his investigation while also performing his regular firefighting duties. Additionally, in the later sections, his coworker Olivia joins him after learning of his true goals for the trip. Poncho’s talent, perseverance, and willpower will make you feel like a celebrity. The main twist in the story occurs when Ricardo Urzaga’s term in prison comes to a close. He was charged with killing numerous women. He also has trouble leading the guards and learning details about his child, which he doesn’t know. As there should be a climax at the end of every episode, prepare to become more excited.

When will High Heat appear on Netflix?

Netflix will begin streaming the program on August 17. So remember to put the date in your calendars and watch the premiere of the show. You will undoubtedly shout aloud during the drama.

High Heat TV Series Cast

Every character in the show will be adored by the audience because they are all perfectly suited for it. Eduardo Capetillo, who plays the prisoner Ricardo Urza, is a member of the cast. Eduardo Capetillo Gaytán plays Ricardo’s younger self. Itat Cantoral performs a key part in Gloria as well. Moreover, Iván Amozurrutia plays the title character in Poncho. Esmeralda Pimentel can be seen portraying Olivia. Additionally, Daniel can be viewed as Mauricio Hénao. The show is made worthwhile by the additional actors that appear on stage with them. Oka Giner, Daniel Gama, and Antonio Sotillo are a few of them.

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