When does Bravo’s broadcast of Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 9 begin? The mystery of Naomie x Whitney, its release date, and more


On March 3, 2014, Bravo began airing the American reality television programme Southern Charm. In Charleston, South Carolina, the series centres on a number of socialites as they mingle and manage their personal lives. On Thursday, August 18, at 9.00 PM ET, Bravo will debut a brand-new episode of Southern Charm Season 8. Check out www.tvacute.com to discover out.

The Charleston group will spend the weekend at a cottage in Auldbrass after attending the dogs’ wedding in the prior episode. Even though the group has never let viewers down when it comes to drama, the upcoming episode will contain a tonne of it. The gossip in town will be about Austen Kroll and Naomie Olindo’s hookups with Ciara Miller and Whitney Sudler-Smith, respectively. Paige DeSorbo will meantime encourage Craig Conover to avoid Naomie when they are away for the weekend.

Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 9 Air Date

On August 18, 2022, at 9.00 PM Eastern Time (ET), Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 9 will air on Bravo. On the network’s website, past programmes and seasons are also accessible for viewers to watch later. Xfinity, Fubo TV, Peacock TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, and Dish are just a few of the TV providers available to those who wish to choose from a variety of streaming options.

The eighth season of Southern Charm will soon air an episode with the title Auldbrass Glitters is Not Gold. The official summary for Episode 9 is as follows:

The gang takes a much-needed break from Charleston and heads to Auldbrass, an estate designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright; Naomie divulges her new love interest to Leva and Austen, who prove they are not the best at keeping secrets.

What to anticipate in the upcoming episode?

The cast of Southern Charm is getting ready to visit the property since Whitney, Patricia’s son, invited them to stay there for the weekend, according to a peek. Paige, who was in Charleston for the wedding of Patricia’s pet Peaches and Shep Rose’s dog Little Craig, was seen packing for her trip back to New York. She told her boyfriend that Naomie’s decision to separate Craig for a conversation in front of her was improper. He was cautioned to use caution during their vacation by the Summer House celebrity.

Leva Bonaparte was seen visiting Naomie Olindo on the day following the wedding, according to the video. Just before Austen Kroll phoned Leva, the two admitted that they were both feeling hungover. When he told the girls that he had hooked up with his ex and Summer House star Ciara Miller when she was in town, she put him on speaker. The women made an effort to convince him that seeing Olivia Flowers bring a date to the wedding may have motivated him to do it. Naomie blew a bomb by admitting that she kissed Whitney Sudler-Smith and that he stayed the night at her house after Austen’s secret. Leva was in amazement, and Austen seemed taken aback.

The two won’t keep Naomie’s confession a secret, especially when the entire gang gathers in Auldbrass, claims the synopsis. Another sneak peek revealed everyone’s arrival at the property where Taylor Ann Green, Shep Rose’s girlfriend, was placed on lizard patrol.

Whitney didn’t invite Kathryn Dennis to the vacation, and she wasn’t even invited to Patricia’s dog’s wedding. One of the sneak peeks videos showed her and boyfriend Chleb Ravenell having yet another argument. The Auldbrass gang will become embroiled in a conflict that may or may not be settled over the weekend.

Every Thursday at 9:00 PM ET on Bravo, a brand-new episode of Southern Charm Season 8 airs.

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