Where Are the Members of Xscape (Girl Group) Now?

Members of Xscape Now? – Xscape, a renowned girl group from Atlanta, Georgia, was formed in 1991. The original members included Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, LaTocha Scott, Tamera Coggins-Wynn, and Tamika Scott, who shot to fame through their participation on the Bravo TV show “SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B.” Kandi Burruss, Tiny Harris LaTocha Scott-Bivens and Tamika Scott formed its core members: Kandi Burruss Tiny Harris LaTocha Scott-Bivens and Tamika Scott which all contributed towards its success throughout the 1990s.

Fast forward to today, and fans may be curious about the lives of these talented women. What have they been up to since their peak? Do they have children, or are they involved in any entrepreneurial projects? Here’s a brief overview of each Xscape member’s current status:

Where Are the Members of Xscape Now

What Is Xscape?

Xscape was a well-known girl group during the 1990s, known for its soulful R&B sound and powerful vocal harmonies. Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, LaTocha Scott, and Tamika Scott all had unique voices which blended together to form one distinctive sound.

Their debut album, “Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha,” was released in 1993 and achieved platinum sales – an incredible accomplishment for a debut effort. The collection showcased strong vocals and catchy R&B tracks; its lead single, “Just Kickin’ It,” became an enormous hit, reaching number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Xscape’s second album, “Off the Hook,” released in 1995, was another commercial triumph. It sold over one million copies and produced several hit singles such as “Feels So Good,” “Who Can I Run To,” and “Do You Want To.” This recording showcased Xscape’s versatility within the R&B music genre by exploring different sounds and styles.

Xscape’s third and final album, “Traces of My Lipstick,” released in 1998, showed the group’s progression as artists. This record explored more mature topics, such as heartbreak and betrayal, than previous offerings. It produced two hit singles: “The Arms of the One Who Loves You” and “My Little Secret.”

Xscape disbanded in 1998 due to creative differences and personal conflicts. The members pursued individual projects; Kandi Burruss achieved great success as both a songwriter and producer, while Tiny Cottle became an acclaimed reality TV star and successful businesswoman.

In 2017, Xscape reconvened for a performance at the BET Awards and embarked on a reunion tour. Their reunion spurred renewed interest in their music, cementing them as one of R&B’s most influential girl groups of the 1990s.

What is Kandi Burruss Now?

Kandi has achieved fame in addition to her singing career. At 46 years old, she currently appears on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and has also participated in other reality programs like The Kandi Factory and Kandi’s Ski Trip. Kandi is also a proud mother to three children.

Kandi owns several businesses, such as Blaze Steak, Seafood, and The Old Lady Gang in Georgia. She credits Mama Joyce and her aunts Bertha and Nora with inspiring the restaurant concept; in fact, Kandi even stars on Kandi & The Gang, a reality show focused on it which stars Kandi herself!

Where is Tiny Harris Now?

Like Kandi, Tiny Harris has made a name for herself as an on-screen reality TV personality. The 47-year-old is best known for her role in T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, where she co-starred alongside husband, rapper T.I. The show enjoyed six seasons over its nine-season run.

The series followed the lives of power couple Zonnie Pullins and their four children, two of whom have ventured into music. King Harris, their eldest son, took up rapping, while Zonnique Pullins (whose dad is Zonnie Pullins) was once part of The Omg Girlz music group but is currently pursuing a solo career in music.

Where is Tamika Scott Now?

Tamika Scott has an affinity for cooking. You can find her in the kitchen perfecting her culinary skills when not performing. In 2022, she published her debut cookbook entitled Table Set Cooking With Tamika Scott: A Taste Of The South In Your Mouth.

Tamika Scott has also launched her own line of Southern Fuse seasonings, available to purchase on her website. Additionally, she shares her passion for cooking on YouTube via The Real Tamika Scott channel, where she posts videos showing off different recipes she’s created; since its inception in 2019, the channel has amassed over 1 million views.

Where is LaTocha Scott-Bivens Now?

LaTocha Scott-Bivens is currently exploring a solo career, potentially breaking away from Xscape. The 49-year-old artist recently released two singles, “Afraid” and “Stay With Me,” both due for release in 2023. Additionally, her gospel album “The Invitation: A Conversation with God” will be released later this year.

LaTocha and Rocky Bivens have been married since 1995, and the couple is blessed with a son that adds to the joy of their family life.

Stream “SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B” show on Bravo TV.

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