When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12 [Finale] Recap Ending Explained!

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12 offered the best that Hope Valley. We saw huge events for Lucas, Elizabeth, Rosemary, Lee, and the rest of Hope Valley. When Calls the Heart Season 10 is yet not to be renewed We fully expect WCTH to be renewed. Here’s what happened in the season finale, from an engagement to baby news to a terrible fire.

Lucas (Chris McNally) went out of town last week to clear his brain, leaving a note for Elizabeth (Erin Krakow). She had been concerned that he was reconsidering their relationship earlier. She doesn’t even need to read his letter now that her worries have been dispelled, thanks in part to their passionate declarations to each other at the close of episode 11. In the season finale of ‘When Calls the Heart,’ Elizabeth seems unconcerned about Lucas’s departure, but his cousin Gustave (Karl Mercer) is concerned. She agrees to send Nathan (Kevin McGarry) out to check on Lucas, who is moodily chopping firewood in the woods and reading Henry David Thoreau. Nathan camps out with his old opponent, the mountie and the saloonkeeper, in what may be their most friendly chat yet. It appears that these two are developing a true friendship.

Henry is back in Hope Valley

Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins) escaped Hope Valley last week after intentionally sparking an explosion that caused the mine to collapse. Henry has worn the crown for the men lost in the mining disaster. We’ve watched Henry fight like hell during When Calls the Heart Season 9 to ensure that the mine wouldn’t reopen, and if it did, all safety precautions were taken. He was one of them, and they trusted him to do what was right for the community. His time on the run, though, is brief. He’s sent back to Hope Valley by a pair of Mounties, who hail him as a hero for his efforts to keep the mind from reopening.

In the finale episode, Gowen isn’t the only one who returns to Hope Valley. In Chicago, Mei Sou (Amanda Wong) appears to have cleansed her name. Is this the start of a relationship between her and Nathan? Perhaps. But there’s also the issue of faith to consider (Andrea Brooks). She tells Molly that she’s starting to have feelings for Nathan. But she doesn’t feel she can act on them because he was her patient (a rule that would seem to rule out having a relationship with anyone in Hope Valley, given that she is the only doctor). It’s unclear whether Nathan had romantic affections for Faith or Mei at this time. Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller), his daughter, wants him to make a decision. She informs Elizabeth that she is ready for her father to marry.

Is Rosemary inform Lee that she is expecting?

Rosemary has long suspected she is expecting a child. She can’t just go to the drugstore and get a pregnancy test, unfortunately. Part of her doesn’t want to know if she’s expecting since she’ll have to cope with the disappointment if she isn’t. Elizabeth eventually persuades her to speak with Faith, who explains the pregnancy symptoms. Rosemary has kept her major news hidden from her husband, but she knows she must tell Lee the truth (Kavan Smith). Rosemary notices a flutter in her stomach one morning and realises she’s expecting. She tells Lee the exciting news and he can’t contain his excitement once he knows what’s going on. He’s out on the street in his pajamas moments later, informing all of his neighbors.

The saloon is destroyed by fire, Who died?

The season finale of When Calls the Heart isn’t all pleasant news. A fire breaks out at the Queen of Hearts, causing terror across the community. Thankfully, no one is gravely injured, thanks in large part to Hickam’s (Ben Rosenbaum) decision to retire as mayor. The saloon, however, is completely demolished. Lucas has an uncertain future, at least in terms of his profession, as a result of this and the sale of his oil company interests. Another person with an uncertain future? Avery, Bill He’s finally realised that he must prioritize his health. He informs Elizabeth that he’s getting his affairs in order before traveling to Union City for treatment. Bill maintains he’s not leaving anytime soon, but this is a depressing turn of events for the judge of Hope Valley.

In this episode, Joseph is also at a fork in the path. He wants to show that he can succeed as a business owner on his own. When Lee discreetly intervened to get him a loan, he became irritated. It also caused him to turn down Minnie’s (Natasha Burnett) father’s offer of assistance. Minnie proves to be the cool voice of reason once more. She gently explains the distinction between self-respect and stubborn pride to Joseph. He agrees to speak with her father about forming a partnership.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 12 [Finale] Recap Ending Explained!

Lucas and Elizabeth are out walking with Little Jack (Hyland Goodrich), who is collecting rocks to give to the adults. But one of those rocks is different from the rest. Little Jack hands Elizabeth something as Lucas informs her that he’s contacted her father to ask for her hand in marriage. It’s an engagement ring, of course.

“I’ve never been more convinced that you’re the one who matters, Elizabeth.” And I know you’re the one I’ll love for the rest of my life,” he says before kneeling. He pleads, “Allow me to be a father to your boy.” “Will you marry me, Elizabeth?” Elizabeth, of course, says yes, much to the delight of Little Jack, who is overjoyed at his part in the proposal.

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