When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 10 Recap “Never Say Never”

Last Week, In Lucas’s office, Bill (Jack Wagner) and Nathan uncovered secret account books. They claim he was working with Wyman Walden. In this episode “Never Say Never”, Lucas (Chris McNally) has been detained, and Elizabeth is baffled as to why some people still believe he is guilty. Rosie has the flu, so Rosemary and Lee pay a visit to Faith. Lee clucks at her as she tries to get to work. Mike is still open to the idea of resigning as mayor. He needs to catch his breath. He’s used to saying yes, and now all he does is say no, and he doesn’t believe it’s for his own good. Although Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) believes Lucas is innocent, not everyone in town concurs.

In the Penultimate Episode of When Calls the Heart Season 9, Is Lucas going to propose to Elizabeth?

Bill obtains important information from the individual responsible for Nathan’s hit-and-run. According to the reckless driver, he was driving out of town after following Walden’s directions to place evidence at Lucas’ office. The man’s evidence may free Lucas, but he wants the allegations against him dropped in exchange. Nathan must decide whether to let the man go free in order to save Lucas or to insist on his punishment, even if it means Lucas will go to prison. He’s furious at first that Bill is considering taking a plea deal. However, he eventually agrees to withdraw the case, seeing that incarcerating an innocent man would be a worse injustice. Elizabeth recognizes Mountie’s tremendous commitment and extends a sincere hug in appreciation. Lucas is now allowed to meet with oil business investors after being released from prison. Jerome Smith (Dean Paul Gibson) and Arthur Gilchrist (Matthew James Dowden) arrive from San Francisco to finalize the agreement’s specifics. However, negotiations have come to a halt over whether they intend to revive the long-closed coal mine.

Mr. Gilchrist claims that the mine issue “isn’t as straightforward as it has been portrayed.” As he delivers those words, he and Mr. Smith exchange a strained look, implying that they may not be on the same page. Gilchrist also insists on visiting the mine site and requests that Joseph (Viv Leacock) inform him about the calamity that claimed the lives of so many of the town’s men. It’s possible that he’ll come to the realization that reopening the mind will do more harm than good. Smith informs Gowen (Martin Cummins) during a separate meeting that the plan to restart the mine was entirely Gilchrist’s idea. However, we can only take his word for it. Gowen persists in his belief that the mine cannot be made safe, but Smith eventually persuades him to assist in the mine’s operation, promising that things will be different this time. Perhaps he believes that by becoming more involved in the operation of the mine, he might avoid another calamity. Gowen’s motivations for joining Smith remain unclear.

However, it is self-evident that restarting the mine will revive ancient wounds in Hope Valley. Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) believes that the community has a right to know what’s going on. She’s set on writing a story on the agreement for the Valley Voice. But she acquired her information from Elizabeth in a private conversation. Rosemary’s plan to publish the piece causes friction between the two pals. Rosemary believes it is her journalistic responsibility to tell the story. Elizabeth is concerned that Lucas, whose reputation has already suffered as a result of the Walden debacle, will be held responsible. The article makes the front page of the next day’s newspaper. It sends shockwaves through town, as expected. Florence (Loretta Walsh) and Molly (Johannah Newmarch), both widows, are devastated by the mine disaster. On the street, Gowen approaches them and apologizes. Henry speaks to Florence and Molly, and when he does, Florence smacks him across the face and calls him a horrible guy.

Rosemary receives some shocking news. Rosemary is grappling with a significant secret while trying to tell Elizabeth about her decision to break her confidence. She appears to be suffering from a stomach illness towards the start of the episode. However, a visit with Dr. Carter (Andrea Brooks) confirms the truth: she is most likely pregnant. Rosemary is taken aback. Her elation is tinged with doubt, as she and Lee (Kavan Smith) had all but given up hope of having a child. It’s early in the pregnancy, and she assures Faith that she won’t tell Lee until she’s certain.

Rosemary can’t conceal the truth from Elizabeth, even though Lee is still unaware of the pregnancy. Elizabeth admits that publishing the mining story was the correct thing to do, and the friends patch up their disagreements. Rosemary then shares her big news with Elizabeth, albeit she doesn’t have to say anything out loud for her to understand what’s going on. The phone rings as Lucas takes Elizabeth’s gift from his drawer.

Lucas does not want to celebrate tonight and requests that supper be postponed. Lucas can’t help but giggle as Jack crawls into his lap.

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