[Series Finale] True Lies Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: Is Harry Tasker a sleeper agent?

After a single season of True Lies of back-to-back episodes “Lying Truths/Waking Dream”, this lighthearted recreation of James Cameron’s 1994 smash hit finally concludes. Dana (Annabella Didion), the daughter of married spies Harry (Steve Howey) and Helen (Ginger Gonzaga) is dating the teenage hacker who now works for the secret Omega Sector, and Harry and Helen are not happy about it. The disappearance of a colleague spy puts stress on the agency and the Taskers’ marriage in the season finale.  (tvacute.com) Here is a rundown of how True Lies series finale comes to an end.

True Lies Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

At the beginning of the series, the enemy group Krypsis steals a computer that has sensitive information about Omega Sector’s agents all over the world. However, Krypsis must first decipher it, so they turn to a hacker group for assistance. The teen hacker Max from earlier episodes can help with that: He has been advising Omega and is therefore in a position to assist them in infiltrating the collective and recovering the lost computer.
And, to add to the drama, he’s in a relationship with Dana, the daughter of Harry and Helen. As they FaceTime, she cleverly positions a sign in the background of Harry’s shot to pinpoint the exact spot of Gib’s team and provide valuable support. In a moment of clarity, Harry understands that the time for secrecy has passed. Despite Helen’s initial objections, they come clean to Dana about their involvement with the spy agency. Her expression is one of shock, as expected.

As Harry, Luther, and Maria race to rescue Gib from the menacing Krypsis leader who has already taken out every person in the vicinity aside for the tech specialist, a sudden disclosure is made. As Harry chases after her, he spots a waiting helicopter in the back. In a moment of triumph, he obliterates the computer, but his victory is short-lived as the Krypsis leader subdues him with drugs. The group led by Harry rushes to the back side of the building, but they are powerless to stop the helicopter from whisking him away.

True Lies Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

As the second hour begins, we delve into the history of our Russian antagonist, portrayed brilliantly by Annet Mahendru of The Americans’ fame. In her backstory, her father was a security guard at a party when he became an unintended victim of an Omega Section operation. As Helen enlists her son Jake to join the team’s efforts to locate Harry, the Krypsis woman takes drastic measures by restraining Harry to a gurney and administering ominous injections. He cautions her that his intense training has made truth serum ineffective, but she retaliates with something that will inflict excruciating agony upon him.

As the scene unfolds, it becomes clear that her intentions involve psychological as well as physical damage. With the help of a powerful drug and some hypnotic ideas, Harry experiences vivid hallucinations where his closest loved ones and close friends have turned against him and are now determined to end his life. As Luther, Maria, Helen, and Gib approach Harry, he opens fire on them, preventing them from getting too close. While all is going on, the Krypsis lady detonates a few bombs and quickly flees without being seen. Helen, however, is confident in her ability to reach her husband, so she puts away her weapon and approaches him quietly, all the while bringing up the subject of their affection for one another and their family. With seconds to spare, Harry regains consciousness and they all rush away from the building ahead of the explosives detonate.

So, it seems like everything is fine. It turns out that every single Tasker is privy to the top-secret information of the Omega Sector. In a dramatic turn of events, Maria has decided to decline a new job offer and remain with the team, much to Luther’s immense relief. What’s the worst that could happen? In the climactic final scene, Krypsis Leader is seen parked down the street from the Tasker house, engaged in a mysterious phone conversation with someone.. “She declares, “They think the danger has passed.” Now, we’re breaking them down, bit by bit. Let’s kick off Phase 3. Is Harry Tasker a sleeper agent? The truth shall remain a mystery forever.

Will there be True Lies  Season 2?

The final episode of True Lies sees the Taskers turning their guns on each other; while their marriage and Omega Sector survive the episode relatively unscathed, the episode plants a seed of trouble that, had it taken root, would have severely complicated the spies’ task in Season 2. Unfortunately, the fate of the action dramedy remains a mystery as CBS pulled the plug on the show in early May. And now, it’s time to catch up with our beloved characters – Harry, Helen, Luther, Maria, and Gib – for one final hurrah as we take a look back at the most memorable moments from the epic two-hour series finale.

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