The Time Traveler’s Wife Finale Recap [Episode 6]: Ending Explained!

The Time Traveler's Wife Finale Recap [Episode 6]: Ending Explained!

On The Time Traveler’s Wife, Henry and Clare’s wedding day has finally arrived. The season finale of The Time Traveler’s Wife opens with Henry, 28, arriving at his and Clare’s future home, where he discovers a video camera and clothes on a wheelchair. Meanwhile, 42-year-old Henry, who despises video because “nostalgia for a time traveler is a bear trap,” ends up paying a visit to 14-year-old Clare, who observes that he hasn’t put on the shoes she set out for him but isn’t sure why. When Henry hears “Get Me to the Church on Time” playing in the distance, he breaks down and admits that it reminds him of Shoe Polish Day.

Henry’s stress levels rise as the wedding nears, and he begins to travel to the future more frequently. During one of his trips, he notices Clare grabbing for a tissue while watching their wedding film and the wheelchair in the closet. He’s jerked back to his time before he can scream out to her. For Henry, who is 28 years old, the happiness he has discovered with Clare is ominous. She believes that love gives life meaning, but Henry counters, “Love is what gives mortals hope.” “It’s the cruelest thing I’ve ever seen.”

After five weeks of the marriage, Henry finally presents Clare to his father, who is impressed that she isn’t blond and that Henry recognizes her last name. “You seem extremely wonderful,” he remarks to Clare after the two have gotten to know each other. What is it about Henry that piques your interest?” “I know he thinks so,” his father retorts when she says he’s good in bed.  Later, Henry returns to the prospective home, but it is now deserted. He observes as his 30-year-old self and Clare, 22, take their first tour of it. Of course, he knows this is the house, so he reminds the “ghost” observing that the jackpot is tonight, and that will help to pay for it. Henry arrives at the house four weeks before the wedding and finds Clare sobbing in bed with a small box by her side. When he returns after three weeks, he almost gets a glimpse inside the box before being yanked away. In the future, Henry refuses to tell Clare where he’s been, despite her remarking that the travels have become practically nightly.

Henry meets his old friend Ben in the hopes of obtaining medications to prevent him from missing during his own wedding, which is now only two days away, due to his increased frequency of time travel.  Ben hands Henry a pill that contains morphine and other unknown chemicals. Henry is supposed to take the medication the morning before the wedding but instead swallows it. To find out what’s going on, Gomez bursts on Ben’s lab door, but instead finds Henry knocked out and then vanishes. At various moments in his life, 28-year-old Henry is dragged into the future and remains there for many hours. These journeys reveal important information about Henry and Clare’s future in the home with the tree beyond. Clare throws a wine glass at Henry in one of them. Everybody in the home is dressed in black, and Clare and Gomez are cuddling outside in another short scene that appears to be following Henry’s death.Henry returns to the house and discovers Clare, 29, crying in her studio with a treasured box of urine pregnancy tests. Henry confronts his 36-year-old self, who explains that the infant’s time travelled right out of the womb and that he had a vasectomy as a result. Henry punches his earlier self, who arrives at the wedding only seven hours before.

Henry had been missing for practically the entire day, so Gomez called his father, who pointed out that Henry who has shown up is a bit older. Henry requests shoe polish in order to conceal his grey hairs. Henry asks his father if marrying Clare was worth losing her because he knows he won’t make it to old age with her. His father reminds Henry that it was worthwhile it because of him and that if he can’t stay, he should give Clare a child, but it may be too late for Henry to do so.

The Time Traveler’s Wife Finale Recap Ending

28-year-old Meanwhile, Henry is viewing the wedding video that he didn’t want to be made with Clare, who is older. Henry, who is older, turns to the camera and calls 28-year-old Henry an asshole. Clare is clearly enraged that Henry couldn’t find out how to stay put. While they’re watching the wedding, they muse on how marriage is akin to sailing into a storm. Following the vows, the band performs a jazzy rendition of ‘Get Me To The Church On Time’ at the reception. The episode concludes with a montage of numerous versions of Henry and Clare, including Baby Clare and Older Henry, singing along.

Henry states in a mid-credits sequence that it would be strange for him to pay her a visit. After all, he’s the one who got a vasectomy and with whom she’s feuding. “Not yet,” Clare says, a little smile on her face. The episode’s conclusion does close the circle on how Henry and Clare finally meet up, but fans will be left with unanswered issues. Non-readers may be wondering if 28-year-old Henry ever returns to Clare, given certain introductions to continuing plot lines were made in the last episode.

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