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Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 12

Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 12: A child Transgender Story

Even though righting wrongs from the past is the main point of the Quantum Leap Project, Season 1 Episode 11 of Quantum Leap cranks...
Will Trent Season 1 Episode 5

Will Trent Season 1 Episode 5: The Look Out – Promo

Will Trent is the newest entry to ABC's police procedural crime drama series, and it is based on the best-selling book series of the...
All American_ Homecoming 2x10 Promo

All American Homecoming Season 2 Episode 10: Simone’s return

During the eighth episode of the second season of All American: Homecoming, Simone (portrayed by Geffri Maya)  struggles to find a balance between her...

Next on: The Winchesters Episode 9: Vampires Coming and John sees a terrifying future

It's seldom easy to discern the outcome of a return to the past, but in the case of The Winchesters, it's both good and...
911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 2

911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 2 [New Hot Mess] Promo

911 Lone Star premiered its fourth season, and with it came a lot of emotional turmoil and bizarre calls or personal issues such as...
All American Season 5 Episode 10 photos

All American Season 5 Episode 10: Billy prepares his combined team

In the previous episode of All American Season 5, As we know that Billy's old teammate, AD Barnes, stunned him by offering him the...
Accused Episode 3 Danny's Story

[FOX] Accused Episode 3 Danny’s Story | Release Date | Promo | Cast

Howard Gordon, Alex Ganza, and David Shore respectively came up with the crime anthology drama "Accused"  which follows everyday people who find themselves...
Night Court Episode 4 Spoilers-

[NBC] Night Court Episode 4: Will Dan, meet his future wife?

Night Court is a sitcom that airs on television in the United States. It is a revival of the original series that aired under...
Pamela A Love Story True Story

Is Pamela, A Love Story on Netflix based on a real-life event?

Pamela Anderson was emblematic of the '90s. The film Pamela, A Love Story was in production when a Hulu series based on the worst...
Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 5

Up Next: Alert Missing Persons Unit Episode 5 [Miguel]

The fifth episode of Fox Network's highly anticipated new police crime drama series Alert: Missing Persons Unit will premiere soon. Andy, the fourth episode...


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The Good Doctor season 6 episode 11 Recap

The Good Doctor season 6 episode 11 Recap: With the pregnancy scare behind them, Lea and Shaun have decided to take a vacation before...

Quantum Leap Reboot Episode 11 Recap

In one of the craziest episodes to date, the science fiction relaunch Quantum Leap, which has already been picked up for a second season,...

[Freeform] The Watchful Eye Episode 1 Recap

Have you got a hankering for some suspense? Freeform's The Watchful Eye is exactly what we need. Elena's life (Mariel Molino) is turned upside...

Fire Country Episode 12 Recap “Two Pink Lines”

After a high-profile football game is an excellent opportunity to get sampled, as Fox discovered with the premiere of Accused over the past weekend....

The Last of us Episode 3 Recap: Ending Explained!

The best episode of the first season of The Last of us focuses on a more intimate tale of survival than on Joel (Pedro...

Mayfair Witches Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Ending Explained! Is Ciprien Alive?

Rowan ( Alexandra Daddario) makes it to her Mayfair home after the deaths of both of her moms in the fourth episode of Anne...